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Kingsbane Review

Today I’m going to be reviewing a book from NetGalley that is…oh, I don’t know, months and months overdue. But. Story of my life. I’ve accepted who I am as a person. Let’s continue. KingsbaneClaire LegrandPages: 608Genre: YA… Read More

Recent E-Book Haul

For Christmas I was lucky enough to have gotten a new Kindle to replace my very ancient one that no longer worked. Was that an invitation to excessively buy more e-books than I can read? No. Did I… Read More

Top Ten Tuesday

Tags. My old friends. We are back together again. While there are a multitude of tags pasted across the internet these days, I prefer Tuesday tags to be from That Artsy Reader Girl’s page. Let’s discuss this week’s… Read More

Winter Reads

Well, well, well. hello. It’s been… it’s been a long time. I often read blogs or watch YouTube videos where creators profusely apologize for going on a hiatus. Let’s skip through the long detailed reasons why I stopped… Read More

Crown of Feathers Review

I tried to do this thing where I read a book subscription book sooner rather than a year down the road from reading it and it worked out pretty well. Though I got this book in February from… Read More

Warrior of the Wild Quick Review

Look. I’m going to be straightforward here. I have not been in the mood to type anything for this blog in months. I started 2019 strong by writing up a bunch of review posts but have dwindled on… Read More

The Waking Forest Review (Arc)

The Waking ForestAlyssa WeesPages: 304Genre: YA FantasyRating: 2/5

Into the Drowning Deep Review

This book. THIS BOOK. Into the Drowning DeepMira GrantPages: 448Genre: Horror / FantasyRating: 4/5 Ya’ll. This book. I cannot. I read it a few months ago but never did a review. I remember telling my best friend while… Read More

Furyborn Quick & Ranty Review

Prepare yourself for a little bad-mouthy, snarky review. Not all bad, but…hey. This book deserved it. Haha. FurybornClaire LegrandPages: 501Genre: YA FantastyRating: 3/5 This is a story told between two different girl’s (women’s?) perspectives. First, we have Rielle,… Read More

Hope and Other Punch Lines Quick Review

Howdy. This is one of the few books I’ve picked up in the past few months. I’m glad I was able to read this book! Hope and Other Punch LinesJulie BuxbaumPages: 304Genre: YA ContemporaryRating: 3.75/5 I enjoyed this…. Read More

April Owlcrate Unboxing

Hi. Long time no book-talk. I haven’t been feeling like writing posts recently. I’ve also skipped quite a few unboxing postings recently, but oh well. Let’s look at Owlcrate’s April Box!

Walk Two Moons – Review

Hi all! I began reading many (MANNYY) moons ago. I have some of the most amazing bookish feelings and thoughts about a lot of books I read while growing up. This is one of those books. I couldn’t… Read More