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June OwlCrate Unboxing

Hi Book Lovers! While this is slightly late, I’m still going to put it up! OwlCrate is another great subscription service for YA-themed books. I especially love their exclusive book covers and signed books. This is probably the… Read More

June Unicorn Crate Unboxing

Hi Book Lovers! It’s time for another amazing, fantastic, wonderful Unicorn Crate Unboxing. Go check out Naomi’s site. I found her book box by accident a while ago and after trying it out, have never wanted to cancel… Read More

An Ember in the Ashes Re-Read Review

Hi Book Lovers! This is a spoiler review so proceed at your own risk if you haven’t read the story yet! I’d apologize for being MIA recently, but honestly, life happens and sometimes that is more important than… Read More

May Book Haul

Hi Book Lovers! Whether or not you believe it, it’s that time once more to discuss all the books I had no need to add to my collection, yet all the books I feel no shame in adding… Read More

May Shelflove Crate Unboxing

Hi Book Lovers! Time for one of my absolutely favorite boxes: Shelflove! If you haven’t already checked out this service, do it! Love these boxes and they make my heart so full. May’s Theme is: Written in the… Read More

May Unicorn Crate Unboxing

Hi Bookish Fans! It’s time to go through another unboxing! Unicorn Crate is curated by the sweetest lady and when I first found her boxes I was highly intrigued. I’ve never been disappointed and love the little personal… Read More

Top Ten Tuesday

Hi Bookish Fans! The past few TTT I haven’t been super interested to participate in so I was happy to see this Top Ten idea. That Artsy Reader Girl hosts Top Ten Tuesday on her page, so if… Read More

Book Lover’s Tag

Hi Bookish Fans! Since I’ve been MIA regarding reading/reviews and what not I wanted to stay active and thought a book tag would be fun! After browsing a variety of tags I came across one by Books By… Read More

May OwlCrate Unboxing

Hi Bookish Fans! I was trying to figure out why it felt like ages since my last book unboxing (or post on here at all). A lot of exciting personal things have happened over the last month but… Read More

April Book Haul

Hi Bookish Fans! I did worse than ever in April at avoiding buying books. In fact, let’s talk about this – many people have some sort of weakness when it comes to being stressed: some people eat chocolate,… Read More

Shelflove Crate Unboxing

Hi Bookish Fans! TIME FOR MY FAVORITE BOOK UNBOXING WOO HOOOOOOO. This month’s theme was: Magical Manipulators –> Aelin & Rowan Tote Bag <– Made by Morgana Anagrom. This is inspired by Throne of Glass (which is another… Read More

Unicorn Crate Unboxing

Hi Bookish Fans! Here is another unboxing for the month! This is Unicorn Crate and this month’s theme was: Northern Myths –> Shield-Maiden of Rohan Candle <– Made by Half Oak Candles & inspired by Eowyn of LOTR… Read More