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Hi book-lovers! ❤

How is the week for you thus far? I’ve been busy, as per my normal lifestyle. Training a new manager and dreaming of a day I could lie in a hammock and read for hours…sigh. In the meantime here is this month’s Owlcrate! (I missed putting up last months and at this point almost feel like it isn’t worth it to back track that far. What do the they say in Meet the Robinsons? “Keep moving forward.”)

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The Butterfly Garden Review

Remember when I disappeared off the face of the earth? Me, too. I don’t know how people function in the normal world anymore as it seems I’m constantly running around with my head chopped off. Regardless, I’ve missed reviewing books and reading other people’s posts – hence the reappearance after too long gone. 😦

I was recently on a short vacation back where I’m from for a little rest and relaxation. While that didn’t work out as well as I planned due to it also being the first week of classes, I still had fun. I even got more reading done which I always LOVE ❤

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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Review

Hello book lovers!

How has life been? Anything interesting going on out there?
I just started classes as I’m sure many of you have! Three days in and I decided I’m already exhausted. The only consolation is that my first set of classes are aimed at precisely I want to do so I’m really thrilled to be in them. So besides being overwhelmed and consistently tired (is this how parents with children feel? Because if so I’m really unsure I’m ready for them in the near future…) I have managed to read a little here and there and thought I needed to catch up with some reviews.

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Top Ten Tuesday

Well, hello!!!

My blogging is pretty minimal recently. I am able to train store managers in my full-time job and am currently doing that which has consumed every waking moment in my life. I’ve been reading but must confess I’m a little lazy when it comes to reviewing the books I’m powering through. I was excited for this TTT simply because it will be easy to just let the words flow on the topic I picked.

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Top Ten Tuesday

Happy Tuesday from the desert. It rained today (which means everyone here throws their arms up and runs around screaming like wild, rabid animals). Today we have a Top Ten Tuesday! What a fun phrase. Top Ten Tuesday. Fun Phrase…. ah life is thrilling.

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Hello 🙂

How is everyone this weekend?

I have to be honest. I had a real problem last year with book buying. I believe the majority of my time was spent on buying books which resulted in my oversized library of now more than 200+ physical books. Once I started school in the spring and I had no time to even breathe I stopped buying books. Read More

Hi book lovers! Friday is here – what are your weekend plans?
I’m currently trying to finish the first book in the Mortal Instruments series. I am..almost..there.. Anyway, eventually I’ll get that review up when I’m done. In the meantime my Owl Crate box came! WOOHOO. A grown adult probably shouldn’t be this excited for something like this, but alas, I am. So sue me.

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Top 5 Wednesday

Hi there! How has the week been treating everyone so far? Hopefully well as the week is now half over for most people, right?

I clearly have never participated in a Top 5 Wednesday (or a Top 10 Tuesday, for that matter) so this is a new experience for all of us. Thrilling. Anyway, the Top 5 Wednesday that most people seem to use is hosted (now) by a girl with lovely lipstick named Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes

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The Night Circus

Hello fellow book readers!

How was the weekend for everyone? Today has been the first day off both of my jobs in about three weeks so needless to say I have enjoyed every second of this day (still in my pajamas). It was on my list to start reading a new book today but instead I just cleaned because I figured that I need to accept my role as an adult and get things done that are important besides being lazy and reading. Read More

Jodi Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper is a huge hit in comparison to her vast array of other books. Whenever I attempt to hold a conversation about my love for Picoult no one ever knows who I am talking about until I say, “One of her books, My Sister’s Keeper, became a movie…with Cameron Diaz.” Aye. I shudder at the thought of having to explain that to one more person. Regardless, that usually brings them somewhat closer to my level until I then lose them as they inform me they’ve failed to read anything else by her and I’m back to square one. Read More

June OwlCrate Box


I hemmed and hawed over if I wanted to even post this as 1. it is sort of late 2. I didn’t actually open it up like I wanted. In my excitement to actually get a box I zipped through opening up and examining each thing so quickly it wasn’t until I was done I realized I should have taken it a little slower. Eh. You win some and you lose some.

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Oh my…

It’s been such a long time since I’ve been on this site (apparently it’s been 7 months). How embarrassing. To be fair I work two jobs that usually results in 80-90 hours a week and I had started my first semester (with 14 oober fun credits) of online school which left me with around 45 minutes a night of sleep. There was no time to do anything including the one thing I love the most: read.

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