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Time for another “I’m way too far behind once again” unboxing. LET’S GO: Read More

Howdy all.

Welcome to yet another one of my unboxings that I am very clearly obsessed with receiving and posting about. I have a few small joys in life and these are one. Sorry.

We are going to take a look at the things I got in the Shelflove Crate box for this month so let’s go check it out!

This month’s theme is:
Life in the Shadows

Spoiler Card.

Soap bar inspired by A Court of Thrones and Roses. The spoiler card says it is inspired specifically by Azriel from this series and was created by Love You More Studio. It smells great and I always make my husband use these soaps in our bathroom. Oh well.

An iron on patch inspired by Nevernight. It says “Never Flinch, Never Fear, Never Forget”. I like the quote, but I’m unsure what I would use this on so I might give this away to someone else. I haven’t decided yet. This item was created by Book Mark’d Tattoos and was made exclusively for Shelflove Crate.

Next is a vinyl sticker that says “Fine. Make me your villain”. This is from Shadow and Bone and was created exclusively for Shelflove Crate by Noveran Tale.

Then we have the 8th Shelflove Crate exclusive trading card from the Lunar Chronicles which features Jacin Clay and created by Kat Adara who has created the other trading cards in this series.

After that is a Stalking Jack the Ripper wooden bookmark with a quote that says “Fear is a hungry beast. The more you feed it the more it grows.”. Created by Ink and Wonder Designs I’m glad to add another gorgeous wooden bookmark to my amazing collection.

Lastly here is the Shelflove bookmark with the same image as the spoiler card and was also created by Kat Adara.

Lastly before the book is this STUNNING pillowcase from The Cruel Prince which says “If I cannot be better than them I will become so much worse”. It’s a sturdy material and a little bigger than other pillowcases I’ve gotten before. This item was made by Miss Phi.

The book of the month is Give the Dark My Love by Beth Revis. NEVER heard of this or even seen it, really, so I’m actually excited to have something I know nothing about or seen anywhere. Even though I don’t read the synopsis most times, I did want to know a little about this since it was unknown to me and it has necromancy in it as well as a plague so this should be an interesting ride come the day I get around to reading it!

This month Shelflove Crate got this book signed by the author instead of a bookplate so that was a nice touch I enjoyed! Sadly there was supposed to be a letter from the author but I did not receive that in this box.


  • What do you think about a book with necromancy? Have you read anything with that before? I’m intrigued.
  • Do you use soap bars you get in book boxes? Do you make your S.O. use them, too? hahaha.


Hi Book Lovers!

Time for another Shelflove Crate unboxing! Shelflove Crate is a subscription service that features Sci-Fi and Fantasy YA releases. If you’re ever interested in checking out Shelflove Crate head on over to their website and see how spectacular they are!

This month’s theme is:
Unlikely Heroes


First is this GORGEOUS Doctor Who inspired “campfire” mug. I LOVE IT. I love mugs and collect them (though my husband probably isn’t happy I do so) so this is another great piece to add to that collection. Created by Team Shelflove, I have to say this is probably one of my favorite pieces of this box!


Hahaha – my puppy, though!



A Manon enamel pin created exclusively for Shelflove Crate by Silketara. It doesn’t say what it’s inspired from but I think it’s from Throne of Glass (which I haven’t read quite yet). Is this true?! Someone who knows – help me!



A pop socket with a picture of Groot that says “I Am Groot!”. While I have never seen the movie this character is from (honestly, I just have zero interest, I’m so sorry to those who love it). It’s still cute and I’ve been wanting a pop socket for my work phone for a while now so that’s where I’ll put this! Inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy, this item was made by Naomi Lord.



Second Breakfast tea which is an English breakfast black tea is inspired by Lord of the Rings! I’m so glad to see LOTR rep in several boxes this month. Put together by Love You More Studios, and I am thrilled to try it out one night!



While I haven’t read the book Strange the Dreamer yet, I instantly knew what this scarf was inspired by! I love scarves and this is a lovely blue with great designs. A Shelflove Crate exclusive item created by Book Mark’d Tattoos. Bring on fall!



The 7th trading card in Shelflove Crate’s exclusive Lunar Chronicles series. Art is created by Kat Adara as in previous boxes.



A Dance of Thieves book mark which is actually quite large. Love me some bookmarks.



The usual Shelflove Crate bookmark which is the same artwork as the spoiler pamphlet.



Book of the month is These Rebel Waves by Sara Raasch.



This copy is also signed which is newer for Shelflove Crate and something I hope they continue if possible for future books. While I already got a copy of this book (signed) from Beacon Book Box this month, it was a great book and I will probably add it to my list of others I want to giveaway in the future!

  • Tell me your favorite item in this box (mine is the mug!).
  • Would anyone be interested in a giveaway for several books I’ve been collecting over the past few months where I have multiple copies? This would be one of them.


Hi Book Lovers 🙂

This was sent out a little late from Shelflove, but things happen so I’m simply glad I finally received it!

I LOVE Shelflove Crate and if you’re interested in a book box I’d definitely recommend checking this subscription service out!

This month’s theme was:
Let the Games Begin


Spoiler Card!



A candle from Flick the Wick. Inspired by Legendary, there were 4 different candles sent out to subscribers and I got The Fallen Star. Sadly this one was slightly melted when I received it (it’s 110 here and who knows how long the box sat outside before I got home so I ain’t even mad. It’ll melt when I light it and go back to normal shape.)


A set of 6 poker chips inspired by Six of Crows. I’m assuming the designs on the chips would be more relevant if I had read this book? It’s somewhere on my TBR list, so maybe one day I’ll get to it! They are pretty heavy duty chips, though, if I’m being honest.



A 250-piece puzzle with an image of the Tri-Wizard Maze. Clearly inspired by Harry Potter, this image was created by Sweet Sequels. I do puzzles when I can so this was such a unique thing to receive!


Cruel Prince inspired bookmark. It’s beautiful on the back with the wording and was created by Love You More Studio.


Cute, cozy socks inspired by The Hunger Games. They say “May the odds be ever in your favor” and were created exclusively for Shelflove Crate.



The sixth trading card inspired by the Lunar Chronicles which is an exclusive to Shelflove Crate. This is Winter, as it says, and the artwork is by Kat Adara. Additionally, the bookmark was also designed by Kat!



The book of the month is The Bird and the Blade by Megan Bannen.



This month we got the book signed by the author which is a first for Shelflove (at least as long as I’ve been getting the boxes), so that is always a nice touch. Again, I don’t know much about this but I’m excited every time I get a book I’ve never heard of before.



  • Do you get Shelflove Crate box?
  • Have you heard of this book prior to seeing it here?
  • What is your favorite piece here? (I love the puzzle!)


Hi Book Lovers!

Like my other unboxings for June this is a tad late, but I lovvvveeeeddd it so of course I’m sharing anyway! Shelflove Crate has been my favorite book boxing subscription for a while now, so if you haven’t heard of them or checked them out I highly encourage you to do so! Dania, the curator, always comes up with great things for her boxes. Check ‘um out!

June’s theme was:
Romance Reboot


Double-sided Print featuring characters from the book (see below!). An exclusive for Shelflove Crate and this month’s book created by Gabriella Bujdoso.


Shatter Me Tumbler created by Love You More Studio. It has book stuff on it – yass. I also love reusable cups as I mentioned in my OwlCrate Unboxing for June with the mason jar!


Star-Crossed Candle inspired by Romeo and Juliet. Created by Natura Amantis. This is probably the most amazing candle I have EVER gotten in a book box before. It’s actually a lot bigger than the usual sample candles boxes send. Also, it has DRIED FLOWERS INSIDE! It smells AMAZING and I cannot wait to burn this. (IT ALSO HAS AN AMETHYST STONE – WUHHHTTTT?!)

Vampire Academy inspired Woodmark. Designed exclusively for Shelflove Crate by Dreamy and Co. It’s gorgeous, honestly. I love the white on one side and black on the other. Beautiful, beautiful.


The usual bookmark representing this month’s theme. Additionally, Shelflove Crate has their own trading cards inspired by the Lunar Chronicles. I somehow got 2 of the same card by accident (this is #5 in the series) so I thought I’d show off the beautiful back side of this card, too.


Romeo and Juliet inspired Book Sleeve. It’s super thick and was created by KDP Letters, who I believe, have been a partner with Shelflove Crate in the past, too!


This month’s book was Life Like by Jay Kristoff. It was sent with a signed bookplate. I was REALLY hoping one of the book boxes I got this month would send this book out, and, to no surprise to me, my favorite book box sent it out! I’ve just started exploring the world of Jay Kristoff but so far love his writing. I cannot wait to read this!! Eeks.


That’s it for this month! It was a beautiful box, per usual, and I am so happy with the book of the month choice!

  • Have you read this book yet or are you interested in reading it?
  • What do you think of book sleeves? Do you use them?


Hi Book Lovers!

Time for one of my absolutely favorite boxes: Shelflove! If you haven’t already checked out this service, do it! Love these boxes and they make my heart so full.

May’s Theme is:
Written in the Stars

Spoiler Card / Pamphlet

Starry Fairy Lights which are cute though have thus far gotten pretty tangled as I tried to set them up for a picture. They require batteries which is nice / not nice all at once. Still, I’m obsessed with stars and have many of them on my own body so I love!

Next was this Stardust Bath Crumble which I’ve never seen before. I assume it is similar to a bathbomb but just the crumbled version? Has anyone used something like this before? Made by Behind The Pages Store, I’ll still keep it safe until I go somewhere with a bath!

Then there was this Rattle the Stars candle which was inspired by Throne of Glass. Dania, the curator of Shelflove Crate, asked Novelly Yours to create a scent that would smell like one was standing under the stars. It’s beautiful and smells wonderful.

Next was this Maya Pocket Mirror made by Diana D Worak. This was inspired by The Star-Touched Queen. I don’t really use mirrors often so I will probably give this to someone who will use it more than I will – but it’s still super cute!

Now is the biggest item in the box – a pillowcase with a quote from Neil Gamain. The colors are completely stunning on this pillowcase, and the quote is fantastic. Two thumbs up from this gal! Made by Ink and Wonder Designs.

Next were, from left to right, the 4th card in the Shelflove Crate exclusive Lunar Chronicles trading cards. Then a Shelflove crate sticker of a bookcase (super cute!). Lastly a bookmark to add to all my other bookmarks!

20180601_185732469906369699959655.jpg 20180601_1839435289277602420871423.jpg
The book of the month was Brightly Burning by Alexa Donne. Like most books in the Shelflove Crate, it came with a signed plate that I added already to the book. The cover is SO PRETTY I cannot get over this. I do not know anything about this book but feel free to look it up if you’re interested (I don’t like reading synopsis before reading a book…sorry not sorry).

Overall a very purple, fun box. I love the pillowcase and am excited to read this book one day!

  • What was your favorite item from this box?
  • Have you read Brightly Burning yet?!
  • Has anyone used ‘bath crumble’ before??


Hi Bookish Fans!


This month’s theme was:
Magical Manipulators


20180425_180244247812695529425807.jpg–> Aelin & Rowan Tote Bag <–
Made by Morgana Anagrom. This is inspired by Throne of Glass (which is another loved series I have not owned or read yet). What I enjoy about this tote is that it is very long shaped instead of wider. SO MUCH USE IS POSSIBLE HERE.

20180425_1803225044494285782174636.jpg–> Rebel of the Sands Sleep Mask <–
Made by KDP Letters. This is inspired by Amani from Rebel of the Sands (never even heard of this before). Still, this is a really cool design and I think the lettering is wonderful – I’d love to see this work on other things, too!

20180425_1803452150749976849431861.jpg–> Six of Crows Woodmark <–
Made by Ink and Wonder Designs. I adore wooden bookmarks. Plus, I’ve said this before but it still rings true, I love bookmarks period. One of my absolutely favorite things to “collect” for bookish things. Also, their website has…well, you can get lost for a hefty moment on their webpage looking at the beautiful designs.

20180425_180408485874891407047827.jpg–> Quen Levana Trading Card <–
Part of the unique series of trading cards Shelflove Crate has been doing. They are great for bookmarks, too. Ha!

20180425_1804484145951991154459817.jpg–> ROAR Coaster <–
Made by @LoveYourMoreStudio. What I loved about this is that with this coaster they also included a non-alcoholic drink to pair with it that features pineapple, orange and lemon juice. Might want to give it a try just for kicks!

20180425_1805149014804002914875309.jpg20180425_1805242688462864282222915.jpg–> Spirit Gem Soap <–
Made by Willow and Honey. It’s packaged pretty tight and I did not open it up so I’m unsure if it smells super great or not. There were designs based on the elements – clearly mine is around fire.

20180425_1805475532892687600112190.jpg–> Postcard / Art Print <–
This picture does not do this art print justice. This is honestly my favorite art print ever sent by a book box company before. It is gorgeous and I absolutely adore this so very much.

20180425_1806127962603301029851384.jpg–> Bookmark with Spoiler Card Picture <–

20180425_1806414515383315149577383.jpg–> Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian <–
I am SO EXCITED FOR THIS. Since last year I have been looking forward to reading this and I actually am surprised it came in this box (or any box at all!). I’m super thrilled this was the book of the month and I cannot wait to read this!!

20180425_1807015341537101767459877.jpg–> Signed Bookplate <–

  • Does anyone else receive this book box? Do you enjoy it? (I LOVEEEE IT)
  • What is your favorite part of the box?
  • What do you think of Ash Princess: have you read it, do you want to read it, etc?



Hi Bookish Fans!

I GOT MY FAVORITE BOX IN THE OTHER DAY! I track its shipping like my life depends on it and wanted to race home to open it (yes, I am an adult. Yes, I shouldn’t get this worked up over this).

This month’s theme is
Fiery Redheads

Let’s DIG IN!

20180323_164131417417136.jpgBrave Wall Hanging
A quote from Merida in Brave. This was made by StellaBookishArt and is decently sized and vibrantly beautiful!


20180323_162049869670381.jpgAlosa Bathbomb
Inspired by Daughter of the Pirate King. It’s cranberry scented and smells UH-MAZING. I cannot wait to take a vacation to use this! Made by OrganiCare.


20180323_1622251625565086.jpgI’d Get Sleazy For Weasley Decal
OH MY GATOS I love this. I really do. I have no idea what to put it on, though. Made by KDP Letters.


20180323_1641121340110052.jpgClary Candle
It says “cherry,  grapefruit, lemon” and smells interesting. I had a friend smell and she got a lot of the lemon, while I got more of a grapefruit/cherry mix that I’m still trying to decide if I enjoy or not. Made by A Court of Candles.


20180323_163951511426049.jpgLucien Bookmark
From ACOTAR series (which I have not read yet). Made by @MorganaOAnagrom.
Scarlet Trading Card
Second in this series exclusively done by Shelflove Crate. Super cute!
Second Bookmark


20180323_1624031213429023.jpgThis month’s postcard. It’s GORGEOUS.


20180323_1639221034726956.jpgTo Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo & Signed Bookplate
I saw this book last month sort of floating around with people talking about it and I was like “this is beautiful, and it sounds amazing”. I truly didn’t think I’d see it in a book box and am surprised and excited this was the book featured!

  • Does anyone else receive this box?
  • Has anyone read this book yet?


Hi bookish fans!

Here is my favoooorrrite book box unboxing. As always, I loved this book box!

This month’s theme was Hide and Seek


Spoiler Card

A Princess Lia Candle – exclusively made for Shelflove Crate by Belle and Co Candles. This is from The Remnant Chronicles (which I have not read!)


Legendary Cocoa – this is in anticipation of Legendary coming out this year. It’s so precious!


Bookmark & Cinder Trading Card – Bookmark from the Darkest Mind and Shelflove Crate is starting an exclusive Cinder Trading Card set which is unique and cool!


Grisha Pillowcase – Made by EvieBookish from the Grisha Trilogy! I couldn’t take a good picture but it’s almost like a soft burlap fabric and it’s so vibrant in color. EvieBookish makes things for so many book boxes and they are always so beautiful.

Postcard – They always feature one with beautiful artwork on it. I love the colors of this one. I have no one to send a postcard to but they are still so pretty (both sides!).


The Markswoman by Rati Mehrotra – this is a full book about a deadly game of hide and seek. It came with a signed bookplate and its own letter! Such a cool gift to get two books!


The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross – This is the featured book of the month. It came with a signed bookplate, letter from the author, and an additional bookmark! I now own 2 copies of this book so I will be giving one away at some point.

  • Have you read either of these books?
  • Have you ever gotten this book box? I haven’t really talked to many people who have and I’m curious if they, too, like it or not?!


Hi bookish fans!

Again, I have another book unboxing to share (only SLIGHTLY behind schedule). Shelflove Crate is another book subscription service that I found by accident about 3 months ago. I tried them out and loved them on the first box. I think this is my favorite book subscription box that I receive every month! ❤ Read More