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Hi. Long time no book-talk. I haven’t been feeling like writing posts recently. I’ve also skipped quite a few unboxing postings recently, but oh well. Let’s look at Owlcrate’s April Box!

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I was SO excited for this month’s OwlCrate for a few reasons. 1. They said they were featuring two different books. 2. It’s “bookish” themed. What is not to enjoy?!

OwlCrate is an amazing box with a lot of cool and unique features so I’d highly recommend you check them out sometime.

This month’s theme is:
Lost in the Bookstore


Spoiler Card


Book nerd socks which are so cute. When I first started getting socks in book boxes I thought it was slightly cool but also odd. Now, I love them. A lot. These were created by Out of Print and Underlined.


A Mirror of Erised art print. Very obviously inspired by the wonderful Harry Potter series. Created by Michelle Gray.



Choco mint truffle flavored tea. What a unique blend and I’m excited to see what this one is (sorry, Jacob, I’m not giving you this one haha). Made by The Tea Spot.


An OwlCrate exclusive item made by Team OwlCrate. This is a tea strainer which was also thought into creation with the help of Michelle Gray. Perfect to try out that teaaaaaaaa!

I LOVE THISSSSSS. SO MUCH. It’s described as “canvas clutch purse” but is made to carry medium and smaller books which is amazing. One of the books from this month’s box definitely fit nicely in there. What an amazing thing to have in a box! Created by Bookworm Boutique.


First book of the month is Pride by Ibi Zoboi.

THIS INSIDE IS GORGEOUS. The entire cover is all pink, too, which isn’t a common thing to see on books so that’s amazing. Also, it is signed by the author.


It came with a bookmark that is created after the book itself as well as a note from the author.


Comparison of the OwlCrate cover versus the regular cover. I enjoy both, so I would have been OK with either in this case!


Second book of the month is Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa.


Also signed! Woohoo! Such an amazing touch to these books.


This also came with a themed bookmark and note from the author.


This book is just an inverted version from the original. I like the OwlCrate more only because black is a very common color of YA books and I enjoy that this one is a little different!


I’d say “that’s all” but, this was a packed box so I’m really happy with it all!

  • Thoughts?
  • Favorite things?
  • Have you read either of these books or recently hauled either?!
  • Which covers do you like more: OwlCrate or originals?


Hey-ya book lovers!

I’m here with yet another fun book subscription unboxing. OwlCrate is known for their bookish goodies, fun themes, and more recently their YA books featuring exclusive-styled covers! CHECK. DEM. OUT.

This month’s theme is:
Masters of Disguise

Spoiler Card

20180922_172126.jpgHere is some foaming bath soap in a pretty purple color. Created by Leeloo Soaps and inspired by The Diabolic.

A tiny bottle of gold nail polish with a pre-order card for the Grim Lovelies which comes out soon (October 2nd).

A pair of finger-less gloves! Created by Team OwlCrate and inspired by the Six of Crows series – these are such a unique, cute gift. Also, soft. They are soft. While it is over 100 where I live still, I look forward to using these one day!

A tube of limp balm inspired by The Kiss of Deception. This was created by Geek Fire Labs and is supposed to smell like an apple/minty scent. I have this thing with mint-flavored things where it’s the only thing I can smell which is the case here but it doesn’t bother me while I’m wearing it so that’s a positive. 🙂

An art print created by Kristy Carter. This is Lila Bard from A Darker Shade of Magic and is a pretty decent size. Again, another series I haven’t yet read but the artwork here is very stunning.

OH MY GATOS. Let’s all take a solid 60 seconds to admire the beauty that is this mug. Clearly inspired by Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, this artwork is fantastic. Dementors, Harry, Lupin, Pettigrew, The Knight Bus, Sirius…like, come on! YAS QUEEN. Created by Cara Kozik and I am in love obsessed.

The book of the month is Mirage by Somaiya Daud. The dust jacket is gorgeous but I really enjoyed the actual cover and side of the book, too!

Per usual with OwlCrate recently, the book is signed by Somaiya Daud which is always such a truly wonderful thing when receiving these books. Also, the letter from the author.

Here is the change from the original cover to the OwlCrate exclusive cover. Hopefully there are no color blind friends here as I imagine if so it might be hard to see. One of my good friends is color blind and couldn’t tell the difference since both are so dark. However, the original is a very dark purplish-hue. The OwlCrate version is black. I like the OwlCrate version more, though I’m not discrediting how gorgeous the original is, too.


That’s it for this month. I don’t usually like to look at the themed card talking about next month because I actually enjoy being surprised by boxes. However, I did see that next month’s box will have TWO books and my book-shaped heart is thrilled.

  • Did you receive this box?
  • Has anyone read Mirage?? I’m curious about this one.


Hi Book Lovers

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Hi Book Lovers!

While this is slightly late, I’m still going to put it up! OwlCrate is another great subscription service for YA-themed books. I especially love their exclusive book covers and signed books. This is probably the most popular book box out there right now, but it has a reason for being one of the best!

This month’s theme was:
Summer Lovin’


I actually love that this has a few past box references: the harry potter tote, the Heart of Iron book, the owl on the water bottle…how cute and personalized!


Let’s start out with MY favorite part of this box which was the Mason Jar Mug with a quote that says “Book Worm and Proud”. Designed by Michelle Gray and OwlCrate. Let’s discuss. I use mason jars for everything. I use them for my food, for drinks of all kinds, and to store things. So, add any kind of mason jar and I’m game. Yes, please.


More tea! This one is actually said to taste great hot or iced. This batch of tea was inspired by Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson and was created by Riddle’s Tea Shoppe. Hope it’s good – like I said in my Unicorn Crate Unboxing I love apple smelling things!


A Wooden Bookmark from Ink and Wonder Designs. This was inspired by Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz (which I haven’t read). It is especially thin compared to other wooden bookmarks I’ve gotten, but the colors are still beautiful and I never say no to bookmarks.


A cactus pen from BC Mini that is too precious. One of my good friends loves all things with cactus, though, so I will probably give it to her to love and enjoy!


All Booked. Get it? Like my blog’s name. I crack myself up. Anyway, here is a beach towel which you cannot tell from this photo is actually quite large. It’s microfiber and created, if you can’t tell, by Stella Bookish Art (who does a lot of work for many book boxes!). Love!



The book this month was From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon. As mentioned earlier, this book is signed and has an exclusive cover different from the original. It came with a popcorn keychain and a note from the author.



I don’t know much about the book for this month and while I always pretend to struggle liking contemporaries or cute romance-type books, I typically end up loving them, so I hope this is true for this book.

  • How did you like this OwlCrate unboxing?
  • Has anyone already read this and can offer opinions thus far?
  • What was your favorite part of this unboxing?!


Hi Bookish Fans!

I was trying to figure out why it felt like ages since my last book unboxing (or post on here at all). A lot of exciting personal things have happened over the last month but I’m excited to get back on track for reading and writing. Let’s talk about May’s OwlCrate!

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Hi Bookish fans!

Time for another Owlcrate unboxing! I love me some unboxings! First of 4 this month. Woot!

April’s theme was:
Shadows & Secrets


20180422_1736097235660946702492987.jpg–> Harry Potter Pencils – by Jubilee Designs <–

20180422_1719265487719027076231173.jpg–> Shadowhunter Soap – by Soap Cauldron <–
It smells so yummy. I love homemade soaps – I made everyone in my house smell this when I opened it. No regrets.

20180422_173542110842463789607880.jpg–> Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Coffee – by Bones Coffee Company <–
This was a special blend made just for Owlcrate. Cannot wait to try this!

20180422_1721485305079895084748833.jpg–> Vinyl Sticker – by Jamila Mehio <–
Inspired by The Young Elites (which I have not read).

20180422_1734591558148930079121953.jpg–> Crooked Kingdom Pillowcase – by Stella Bookish Art <–
Always love these. Also, Stella Bookish Art produces beautiful work all the time for book boxes.

20180422_1723108953250924068019131.jpg–> Legendary Chapter Sampler by Stephanie Garber <–

20180422_1723512953271850568958496.jpg–> Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody <–
This is a unique design from the original cover and is signed on the inside!

20180422_1733468684116284799252043.jpgDifferences from the original. Thoughts???

20180422_1725415894221342657298273.jpgThere were also postcards with the Ace of Shades theme and a note from Foody.


Another great box and, honestly, I was really excited to receive this book. I truly didn’t think it would come in a book box so I almost bought it on a Barnes & Noble binge last week but refrained for the time being – and I’m glad I did!

  • What do you think of the cover change?
  • Has anyone read this yet and have thoughts?
  • What was your favorite part of this box?!


Hi Bookish fans!

I saw a lot of similar themes this month between all of my book boxes, and Owlcrate broke that mold this month with something different which is why I love them!

This month’s theme was
Across the Galaxy

20180323_162650292784806.jpg–> Spoiler Card <–


20180323_163629495088179.jpg–> Pamphlet that talks about book’s cover design, interview with the author, etc. <–
–> Owlcrate Pin <–


20180323_162839993618099.jpg–> Candle by Wick & Fable <–
There were 2 scents offered: Kady Grant or Hannah Donnelly from the Illuminae Files. I got Hannah Donnelly which is Honeydew and good gracious it smells amazing. I love fresh smells like this one.


20180323_1629401543239089.jpg–> Ceramic Mug by Sasha Natasha <–
Inspired by the Lunar Chronicles and it is a gorgeous color with an inspiring quote. LOVE mugs. One of the things I absolutely enjoy collecting.


20180323_162906594580060.jpg–> Pint-Sized Pop Funko <–
Honestly, no idea who mine is this time. Not much into the superhero themes most days so if you know, let me know!


20180323_162811560615222.jpg–> Infinity Scarf <–
No mention of who made this, but it is silk fabric, super long, and extremely soft and comfortable. Plus, it’s a beautiful color!


20180323_1630411340681494.jpg–> Print inspired by Red Rising <–


–> Watercolor  Bookmark by Lexy Olivia <–
How do you NOT love this? It’s GORGEOUS. COMPLETELY GORGEOUS. It’s inspired by Star Wars and I am obsessed with these colors.


20180323_164325184978990.jpg–> Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston <–
This looks like an amazing story and I hope it will be a fantastic journey to read! The difference in this cover from the original is the wording which is yellow versus the regular cover’s white words.


Ashley’s signature in this book is astounding and I was showing anyone I could! Additionally, Owlcrate was able to get the pages colored so the outside of the pages are purple and it’s a great touch, in my opinion.


20180323_164239856964341.jpgThere was a character poster and note from Ashley in the box as well that just finished this box with a bang.


  • Did anyone else get this box – what did you think if you did or didn’t?
  • What do you think of the pages being colored and the change in coloring on the cover?
  • Anyone already read this book?!



Hullo bookish fans!

My classes ended yesterday so I can finally catch up on some posts and unboxings I’ve been slacking on recently. I’ve mentioned before but I’ll just keep mentioning how much I love book boxes. I’ve been trying out different ones for a few months at a time so be prepared for a few more coming from February!

This month’s theme was Hidden Worlds

Spoiler Card

Soy Candle – Made by Books on Candles and is based on Narnia. It has a very clean, fresh almost minty scent to it – it’s quite nice. I feel like I always have candles burning in my house now a days!

Skeleton Key Pendant Necklace – Inspired by Coraline!!!

Zipper Pouch – Made by Risa Rodil. It’s a quote from Daughter of Smoke and Bone (which I got last month and hope to read one day). It’s a super unique design – it’s like pleather, but not. It’s a great material and will hold up with a lot of use.

Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland Sticker – Made by Naomi Lord. Cute!!!!!!

Wall Tapestry – made by EvieBookish. HOLY CRAP. This thing is HUGE. I have a California King bed and this thing takes up almost the entire thing if you look in the picture. It’s crazy! It’s a great material and it’s exceptionally BEAUTIFUL. When my husband and I get into our own home I cannot wait to put this on the wall of my book area!

The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert – This is the featured book. As Owlcrate has been doing recently it has a totally unique book cover and is signed by the author. Some people have loved this new book design and others love the original. Small picture below shows the original if you’re curious. I actually love the green color (probably because green IS my favorite color), but I can see why others would love the original, too. I cannot wait to read this! I was hoping I would receive this at some point as everyone LOVES this currently. Yay!

The pamphlet about the author and some of the products, the featured pin we see every month, and the print as always. Woohoo!


  • If you got this box how did you like it?
  • Do you like the change of the cover from the original?
  • Have you read this? I’m dying to know if you liked it!



Hi bookish fans!

I’m not quite “late” at putting up this unboxing and one other unboxing for January as I technically opened these the moment I got them delivered. However, between work and school I haven’t had time to set them up and post! Here is January’s OwlCrate box which was Fearsome Fairy Tales.

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Hi book-lovers! ❤

How is the week for you thus far? I’ve been busy, as per my normal lifestyle. Training a new manager and dreaming of a day I could lie in a hammock and read for hours…sigh. In the meantime here is this month’s Owlcrate! (I missed putting up last months and at this point almost feel like it isn’t worth it to back track that far. What do the they say in Meet the Robinsons? “Keep moving forward.”)

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Hi book lovers! Friday is here – what are your weekend plans?
I’m currently trying to finish the first book in the Mortal Instruments series. I am..almost..there.. Anyway, eventually I’ll get that review up when I’m done. In the meantime my Owl Crate box came! WOOHOO. A grown adult probably shouldn’t be this excited for something like this, but alas, I am. So sue me.

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