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Hello 🙂

How is everyone this weekend?

I have to be honest. I had a real problem last year with book buying. I believe the majority of my time was spent on buying books which resulted in my oversized library of now more than 200+ physical books. Once I started school in the spring and I had no time to even breathe I stopped buying books. Read More

Hello blog world!

I feel silly for posting anything since I’m so far behind on reading and it’s really disappointing, but I genuinely enjoy writing here even if I don’t do it as often as I’d like.

Last month I tried REALLY hard to avoid buying too many books because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to read nearly as many as usual. However, my hands cannot be stopped when I see a book I want – they just grab and my body moves towards the checkout line. So, without further ado my small but lovely book haul:

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Birthday Books

Happy Thanksgiving to anyone celebrating today! To everyone else, happy Thursday!

It was my birthday earlier this week. I’m not too fond of gifts but my other half gave me a great gift so I had to share!!

Nov 24

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Digging into the second part of my October Book Haul! I am really excited, however I then take a moment to realize there is just no way to read all the books on my TBR list as well as all the books I continue to binge-buy. So, I’ve really been trying to reel myself in on book buying. I should be reading as many as I buy. Ha. Ha. Ha. Sure. Maybe in my next life. So here is the second part of my list!

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I mentioned in my last post that I may have gone WAY overboard last month when it comes to buying book. I actually almost went a little crazy when I would think of stopping by a thrift store. My palms would get a little sweaty and my heart would begin to race. Yes. My name is Christine. I have a book problem. Anyway – before going any further in this post be warned I am banning you from judging my eagerness to snatch up too many books within a 31 day period. Got it? Good.

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