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Hi all!

I’ve been a little MIA because, per usual, life. Just life. However, I have a few unboxing and reviews that I need to get up so let’s get this party STARTTTEEEDDD.

Beacon Book Box came to be because of Cameron, a young teen who loves books. He and his family put these boxes together and include a lot of their own things in their boxes along with personal touches I am obsessed with. Check them out!

This month’s Beacon Book Box theme is:
Maidens of Mayhem


Spoiler Card


A note from Cameron which, honestly, is growing to be one of my FAVORITE touches on any book box. It really is a personal touch that other book boxes don’t quite have and I LOVE it so much. Thank you, Cameron!


A Novelly Yours candle inspired by Throne of Glass. It smells AMAZING. It’s not too intense and smells perfect for a fall-themed candle.


This orange cooler with a quote that says “It is a condition of monsters that they do no perceive themselves as such” which comes from A Daughter of Smoke and Bones (on my long TBR list, duh). Created by Heather at Little Bearries. I 100% thought this was a fanny pack and let me tell you I was completely on board with that idea. While it is not a fanny pack, I still have been searching for something to bring my lunch to work in so this came in at a perfect time! Plus, it’s a cool item you don’t see…ever.


Also created by Heather at Little Bearries is this soft beanie. This was inspired by Sky in the Deep (need I even say this is on my TBR? Probably not. You get how this whole thing works).


A Halloween-themed booksleeve! THIS is precious. My friend watched as I unboxed this and squealed at how much they loved this booksleeve. It’s a little glittery but very beautiful and made well. Created by Team Beacon – I loveeeeee it.


The book of the month is Boneless Mercies by April Genevieve Tucholke.


It came with an author note and a signed bookplate which has a cute drawing on it. The cover on this book is insanely gorgeous. I’ve seen this book cover a few months ago and always was drawn to how much I love the cover. I hope it’s a good read!


That’s it for this unboxing!

  • Do you receive this box?
  • Have you read/received this book recently?
  • How about that booksleeve, though?!



I just received my September Beacon Book Box and while it feels so early to show a book box for September, I was too excited not to make a post.

Beacon Book Box is a subscription box I somehow stumbled upon that I decided to give a try – and I love! Curated by a young man and his family, it has so far been unique and fun and I’d recommend trying them out if you’re interested in YA themed book boxes!

This month’s theme was:
United Rivalries

20180916_102211.jpg20180916_102410.jpgSpoiler card!



A drink koozie (yes, I also questioned this spelling and apparently there are a few ways to spell this word. You learn something new every day. Anyway, it’s inspired by The Darkest Minds and was created by Bookish Signs. What a cool, unique item I have never received from a book box before – also totally usable for myself which is fun.


20180916_102354.jpgA pin – though it did not say what it was inspired by, though I think it was meant to be inspired by the book of the month?


A magnetic bookmark inspired by the Divergent Series (which…I have not read though I stare at it often on my shelves). This was created by Bearly Paper Co and is actually a little bigger than most magnetic bookmarks – not huge but bigger than a lot of the smaller ones boxes usually send.


A plastic bracelet which was a cute idea, though I will not find a reason to wear this, sadly. To be fair, it was just an extra piece of the box and not one of the specific items.


A tote bag! This was is truly elegant and beautiful. It’s simple and pretty and has a quote from The Raven Boys. It was created by Heater  @littlebearries. It’s a thick fabric and seems pretty sturdy.


Book sleeve! It was created by Team Beacon Book Box and it sooooo cute. I LOVE COFFEE and how freaking cute is this sleeve?!


Book of the month for September is Rule by Ellen Goodlett. The cover is very detailed and the pages are wonderful.


It also came with a signed bookplate and a note from the author. 🙂



  • Does anyone else receive Beacon Book Box?
  • Have you gotten Rule or read it yet?
  • What do you think of the book sleeve, though?!?!?!?!


Hi Book Lovers!

Last month I saw an unboxing for Beacon Book Box. I was intrigued, so I went online to read more about them and thought I’d give them a try! What I found I adored about this book box was that the curator, Cameron, is only 15 years old! His family is on board with his desire to send out YA book boxes to people with the same passions as himself. I just loved this touch and it’s what made me want to try them out! Here is my first unboxing.

This month’s theme was:
Buccaneers & Bandits


How cute is this personalized note? This was such an amazing touch to start this book!



The spoiler card.


A Marin – Corsario Royalty candle inspired by Pacifica. This was created, as you can see, by Novelly Yours. It smells fresh and light and I really enjoy this smell.


Pirates of the Caribbean necklace. It reads “Dead men tell no tales”. It says it was provided by Team Beacon Book Box, and it was wrapped in book pages which is wonderful.


Captain Alosa bath fairy dust. This was made by Books Are Key by Marissa in honor of Daughter of the Pirate King. I don’t get to use these types of items right away so I’ll hold off until I am somewhere with a bath!


Pirate booksleeve created by Book Gizmo. It’s a really tough material and the inside is really soft!

A tasseled bookmark with a quote from Children of Blood and Bone and the other side with a quote from Sky in the Deep. This was created by Bookish Signs and is a nice, thicker material.


I wanted to put this in as this is what the book of the month was inside. It’s a little backpack and thought it was a great way to include an extra item into the box by putting the book in it.


The book of the month was These Rebel Waves by Sara Raasch. First, this book cover is beautiful in person. Second, it’s pretty big. I was slightly interested in this book a few months ago when I was looking at upcoming releases and I didn’t realize it was a hefty book!


This book was signed by the author and there was also a note from the author that says “Make Waves” which is especially wonderful.


Lastly, there was a note from the author which was a cute touch as well.

I didn’t take a full picture of everything this time because I was short on time and didn’t want to put up something that looked ridiculous. However, I do want to say that I was very impressed with this book box and loved the little details that really made the box more exciting and fun. I will be excited to see how next month’s box turns out! Check them out!!!

  • Have you heard of this book box?
  • What was your favorite part?! (I loved the personalized note, I’m not going to lie.)