Crown of Feathers Review

I tried to do this thing where I read a book subscription book sooner rather than a year down the road from reading it and it worked out pretty well. Though I got this book in February from OwlCrate, I did not post that unboxing as I had little interest in doing so at the time. Still, here’s the review!

Crown of Feathers
Nicki Pau Preto
Pages: 486
Genre: YA Fantasy
Rating: 4/5

Veronyka and her sister, Val, are the only two left of their family of phoenix riders. Riders and their animals have been banished from their country after two ruling sisters battled it out quite a few year prior. Despite this, Veronyka and Val manage to find phoenix eggs wherein only one hatches and becomes bonded to Veronyka who is thrilled at this rare chance to bond with something she is meant to bond with.

After a few events take place, Veronyka leaves her seemingly cold-hearted and cruel sister to find a community of phoenix riders rumored to still exist on a mountainside. She finds them, disguises herself as a boy, and hopes she can win their trust and still become a phoenix rider.

This story is told from several varying perspectives including a phoenix rider named Tristan, and a soldier named Sev, and Veronyka. I enjoyed their different sides and the reason they all were important in the end. The bonds between the phoenixes was a great piece of this story as well as the underlying story of the two ruling sisters who turned against each other and why that leads us to the story we have today. I also liked the ending with Val and why I think her story will become such a huge deal in the next book in this series.

Without giving spoilers, one piece I did not like are when Tristan, Veronyka, and the other riders spend their time training. Cut out some of the training pieces which become a little repetitive and give me more of the last third of the book which was fun to read.

Overall, a great and quick read that I enjoyed the entire way through. I’m glad I finally picked up a book box book so soon. Oh, and the cover for this book is insanely gorgeous!

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