Sing You Home – Review

I love Jodi Picoult. You say her name and I’m attached. Speaking of, my best friend mentioned to me a few weeks ago she was a guest on Jonathan Van Ness’s podcast – Getting Curious – so I immediately dropped everything to listen to her. Was I absolutely enthralled with every word she spoke? Of course.

I’ve been trying to slowly re-read all of her books (or listen to them on audio now as a newer experience). Last year I listened to Leaving Time and was so happy to be back in her worlds. So, when I saw Sing You Home was available on audio from the library I said “gee, OK!” and immediately started listening to the story. Here are my thoughts.

Sing You Home
Jodi Picoult
Pages: 466
Genre: Adult Contemporary
Would I recommend? – Yes.


Zoe and Max have been trying to have their own child for almost a decade. Despite countless attempts, several rounds of IVF, and several miscarriages, they keep pushing their luck (and wallet) to finally start their own family. However, after their latest and most devastating miscarriage they separate and begin different paths.

Zoe finds love in an extremely unexpected place. Max becomes heavily involved in the church his brother and sister-in-law have hounded him to join for decades. The remaining potential children sit in the clinic – forgotten about – until Zoe wants to try for a family with her new love. Max, however, wants to put up a fight over the children he never really wanted.

My Thoughts:

The first thing I enjoyed about listening to this story this time around was that it comes with its own soundtrack of songs. These songs were created solely for this book and correlate to the chapters that follow them. I never listened to them the first time I read this story as it felt like a hassle to stop reading to listen to a song. However, I’m glad I finally got to hear them and several were stuck in my head for days after I finished reading.

Zoe is neither a favorite nor unlikable character. She is flawed but somewhat flat. Her new love interest intrigues me a lot more (they have so much more zest and spunk than Zoe does). Max, on the other hand, is a really deplorable character in my opinion. I cannot stand his thoughts, actions…and does he even have feelings? I couldn’t tell for most of the book. Zoe’s mom, though? She’s something else with her eccentricities. Love that crazy woman.

I do not have nor necessarily want children yet, as usual, Picoult raises a topic that can be heavily viewed from one point or another. What I enjoy is the look at a variety of sides from her characters and their reasoning for why they act as they do. This book does lack a bit of diversity around the church topic even for me (and I am not a religious person) so I can understand why people get irritated for a lack of appropriate representation here.

Other than that, I enjoyed this story. It is not my favorite Picoult story but I did really enjoy it – probably more this time than the first few times I picked this up.

Rating: 4 / 5

  • Have you read this? Thoughts?
  • Have you read any other Picoult books?

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