October ShelfLove Crate Unboxing

Helloooo. It’s meeeeeee.

Time for another “I’m way too far behind once again” unboxing. LET’S GO:

This month’s theme is:
Magic & Mischief



Apple Cider Donut Coffee! YUM. It’s called “Witch’s Brew” and is not only a super fun package but smells good, too. I cannot wait to try this out as it is getting cooler outside! Created by Love You More Studio.


A package of Harry Potter inspired page flags. I mean, you cannot go wrong giving away anything H.P. related in this household so it’s a win for me, honestly. This one was made by Team Shelflove!


Okay. But, have you seen any magnetic bookmarks as adorable as these three? Also, what a perfect Halloween inspired item! Love. In case you are part of the dark ages and do not know yet, these are the Sanderson sister’s from Hocus Pocus! Created by Silke Tara.


A Shelflove bookmark and the 9th trading card in the Lunar Chronicles series that Shelflove Crate has been making the past few months. Both are created by Kat Adara!


Next are these tarot cards which are inspired by the Raven Cycle characters. They are a very sturdy material as far as cards go and also rather large. I was not subscribed at the time they created their first set of tarot cards so I’m wondering if these are just an addition to the ones created prior? Interesting idea if you are able to collect them all! These are created by MorganaOAnagrom.

20181110_113729.jpgAnother cute and fuzzy hat (or beanie, as the majority of the population calls it). Inspired by A Darker Shade of Magic and created by KDP Letters, it’s a warm hat I’ve already used!


The book of the month is Grim Lovelies by Megan Shepherd. It was signed by the author which is a touch I adore! Also, wonderful cover!


I love how unique each box I receive is and Shelflove Crate is one of my absolute favorites! If you haven’t tried them out I’d recommend at least giving it a go for a one-time thing (on a theme you think sounds fun, of course).

  • Thoughts on this book?
  • Favorite thing from this box?


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