October OwlCrate Unboxing


I was SO excited for this month’s OwlCrate for a few reasons. 1. They said they were featuring two different books. 2. It’s “bookish” themed. What is not to enjoy?!

OwlCrate is an amazing box with a lot of cool and unique features so I’d highly recommend you check them out sometime.

This month’s theme is:
Lost in the Bookstore


Spoiler Card


Book nerd socks which are so cute. When I first started getting socks in book boxes I thought it was slightly cool but also odd. Now, I love them. A lot. These were created by Out of Print and Underlined.


A Mirror of Erised art print. Very obviously inspired by the wonderful Harry Potter series. Created by Michelle Gray.



Choco mint truffle flavored tea. What a unique blend and I’m excited to see what this one is (sorry, Jacob, I’m not giving you this one haha). Made by The Tea Spot.


An OwlCrate exclusive item made by Team OwlCrate. This is a tea strainer which was also thought into creation with the help of Michelle Gray. Perfect to try out that teaaaaaaaa!

I LOVE THISSSSSS. SO MUCH. It’s described as “canvas clutch purse” but is made to carry medium and smaller books which is amazing. One of the books from this month’s box definitely fit nicely in there. What an amazing thing to have in a box! Created by Bookworm Boutique.


First book of the month is Pride by Ibi Zoboi.

THIS INSIDE IS GORGEOUS. The entire cover is all pink, too, which isn’t a common thing to see on books so that’s amazing. Also, it is signed by the author.


It came with a bookmark that is created after the book itself as well as a note from the author.


Comparison of the OwlCrate cover versus the regular cover. I enjoy both, so I would have been OK with either in this case!


Second book of the month is Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa.


Also signed! Woohoo! Such an amazing touch to these books.


This also came with a themed bookmark and note from the author.


This book is just an inverted version from the original. I like the OwlCrate more only because black is a very common color of YA books and I enjoy that this one is a little different!


I’d say “that’s all” but, this was a packed box so I’m really happy with it all!

  • Thoughts?
  • Favorite things?
  • Have you read either of these books or recently hauled either?!
  • Which covers do you like more: OwlCrate or originals?


One Comment on “October OwlCrate Unboxing

  1. How did I not look at the inside cover of Pride and take pictures for my unboxing?!?! 🤦🤦 Great pics! This might just be my favorite OwlCrate box so far! I love the socks and the clutch ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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