October Beacon Book Box Unboxing

Hi all!

I’ve been a little MIA because, per usual, life. Just life. However, I have a few unboxing and reviews that I need to get up so let’s get this party STARTTTEEEDDD.

Beacon Book Box came to be because of Cameron, a young teen who loves books. He and his family put these boxes together and include a lot of their own things in their boxes along with personal touches I am obsessed with. Check them out!

This month’s Beacon Book Box theme is:
Maidens of Mayhem


Spoiler Card


A note from Cameron which, honestly, is growing to be one of my FAVORITE touches on any book box. It really is a personal touch that other book boxes don’t quite have and I LOVE it so much. Thank you, Cameron!


A Novelly Yours candle inspired by Throne of Glass. It smells AMAZING. It’s not too intense and smells perfect for a fall-themed candle.


This orange cooler with a quote that says “It is a condition of monsters that they do no perceive themselves as such” which comes from A Daughter of Smoke and Bones (on my long TBR list, duh). Created by Heather at Little Bearries. I 100% thought this was a fanny pack and let me tell you I was completely on board with that idea. While it is not a fanny pack, I still have been searching for something to bring my lunch to work in so this came in at a perfect time! Plus, it’s a cool item you don’t see…ever.


Also created by Heather at Little Bearries is this soft beanie. This was inspired by Sky in the Deep (need I even say this is on my TBR? Probably not. You get how this whole thing works).


A Halloween-themed booksleeve! THIS is precious. My friend watched as I unboxed this and squealed at how much they loved this booksleeve. It’s a little glittery but very beautiful and made well. Created by Team Beacon – I loveeeeee it.


The book of the month is Boneless Mercies by April Genevieve Tucholke.


It came with an author note and a signed bookplate which has a cute drawing on it. The cover on this book is insanely gorgeous. I’ve seen this book cover a few months ago and always was drawn to how much I love the cover. I hope it’s a good read!


That’s it for this unboxing!

  • Do you receive this box?
  • Have you read/received this book recently?
  • How about that booksleeve, though?!


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