September OwlCrate Unboxing

Hey-ya book lovers!

I’m here with yet another fun book subscription unboxing. OwlCrate is known for their bookish goodies, fun themes, and more recently their YA books featuring exclusive-styled covers! CHECK. DEM. OUT.

This month’s theme is:
Masters of Disguise

Spoiler Card

20180922_172126.jpgHere is some foaming bath soap in a pretty purple color. Created by Leeloo Soaps and inspired by The Diabolic.

A tiny bottle of gold nail polish with a pre-order card for the Grim Lovelies which comes out soon (October 2nd).

A pair of finger-less gloves! Created by Team OwlCrate and inspired by the Six of Crows series – these are such a unique, cute gift. Also, soft. They are soft. While it is over 100 where I live still, I look forward to using these one day!

A tube of limp balm inspired by The Kiss of Deception. This was created by Geek Fire Labs and is supposed to smell like an apple/minty scent. I have this thing with mint-flavored things where it’s the only thing I can smell which is the case here but it doesn’t bother me while I’m wearing it so that’s a positive. 🙂

An art print created by Kristy Carter. This is Lila Bard from A Darker Shade of Magic and is a pretty decent size. Again, another series I haven’t yet read but the artwork here is very stunning.

OH MY GATOS. Let’s all take a solid 60 seconds to admire the beauty that is this mug. Clearly inspired by Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, this artwork is fantastic. Dementors, Harry, Lupin, Pettigrew, The Knight Bus, Sirius…like, come on! YAS QUEEN. Created by Cara Kozik and I am in love obsessed.

The book of the month is Mirage by Somaiya Daud. The dust jacket is gorgeous but I really enjoyed the actual cover and side of the book, too!

Per usual with OwlCrate recently, the book is signed by Somaiya Daud which is always such a truly wonderful thing when receiving these books. Also, the letter from the author.

Here is the change from the original cover to the OwlCrate exclusive cover. Hopefully there are no color blind friends here as I imagine if so it might be hard to see. One of my good friends is color blind and couldn’t tell the difference since both are so dark. However, the original is a very dark purplish-hue. The OwlCrate version is black. I like the OwlCrate version more, though I’m not discrediting how gorgeous the original is, too.


That’s it for this month. I don’t usually like to look at the themed card talking about next month because I actually enjoy being surprised by boxes. However, I did see that next month’s box will have TWO books and my book-shaped heart is thrilled.

  • Did you receive this box?
  • Has anyone read Mirage?? I’m curious about this one.


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