September Beacon Book Box


I just received my September Beacon Book Box and while it feels so early to show a book box for September, I was too excited not to make a post.

Beacon Book Box is a subscription box I somehow stumbled upon that I decided to give a try – and I love! Curated by a young man and his family, it has so far been unique and fun and I’d recommend trying them out if you’re interested in YA themed book boxes!

This month’s theme was:
United Rivalries

20180916_102211.jpg20180916_102410.jpgSpoiler card!



A drink koozie (yes, I also questioned this spelling and apparently there are a few ways to spell this word. You learn something new every day. Anyway, it’s inspired by The Darkest Minds and was created by Bookish Signs. What a cool, unique item I have never received from a book box before – also totally usable for myself which is fun.


20180916_102354.jpgA pin – though it did not say what it was inspired by, though I think it was meant to be inspired by the book of the month?


A magnetic bookmark inspired by the Divergent Series (which…I have not read though I stare at it often on my shelves). This was created by Bearly Paper Co and is actually a little bigger than most magnetic bookmarks – not huge but bigger than a lot of the smaller ones boxes usually send.


A plastic bracelet which was a cute idea, though I will not find a reason to wear this, sadly. To be fair, it was just an extra piece of the box and not one of the specific items.


A tote bag! This was is truly elegant and beautiful. It’s simple and pretty and has a quote from The Raven Boys. It was created by Heater  @littlebearries. It’s a thick fabric and seems pretty sturdy.


Book sleeve! It was created by Team Beacon Book Box and it sooooo cute. I LOVE COFFEE and how freaking cute is this sleeve?!


Book of the month for September is Rule by Ellen Goodlett. The cover is very detailed and the pages are wonderful.


It also came with a signed bookplate and a note from the author. 🙂



  • Does anyone else receive Beacon Book Box?
  • Have you gotten Rule or read it yet?
  • What do you think of the book sleeve, though?!?!?!?!


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