July OwlCrate Unboxing

Hi Book Lovers

Caution! Spoilers ahead!I thought instead of getting behind on my unboxings that maybe I could try doing them as I receive them (huh – what a novel idea, right?).

OwlCrate is an extremely popular book subscription box that has recently specialized in creating unique book covers from the originals as well as having it signed BY the author. I have to say ahead of time this was probably my favorite OwlCrate box so I’m super hyped to jump on in and share!

This month’s theme is:
Strange & Unusual

Spoiler Card


A pennant flag inspired by Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. It was created by Risa Rodil. It’s super cute but I haven’t decided just yet if I will keep it or give it to someone I think would really enjoy this saying.


A Stranger Things Funko keychain! It was between Dustin and Eleven and I got Eleven (WOO-HOO!). I adore Eleven so this was super cute to receive. I probably won’t take her out of the box, though. Haha.


Ouija board mints. These were created by Boston America Corp. I haven’t tried them yet as I don’t often eat mints or gum but when I do I go ham. Hope they are tasty! The packaging is super cute.


THESE RIDICULOUSLY CUTE skull push pins. They came in a pack of 12 and are such a cool, random thing that I LOVE. They were created exclusively by Team OwlCrate!!!


Okay. So, WHAT?! I know this might not be an ideal thing for all OwlCrate subscribers but it’s still so friggin’ gorgeous. Also, I’ll 100% use this. It is a wallet inspired by the Raven Boys and was created by Reverie and Ink.


A Luna Lovegood sticker that says “You’re just as sane as I am” (WHO DOESN’T LOVE THIS QUOTE?! IT’S PRICELESS AND ALWAYS PERFECT). It was created by TJ Lubrano.


An amazingly fantastic art print by Aun-Juli Riddle. Like – WOAH this is amazing. The colors, the whale, the misc things on the whale. LOVE this. This is frame-worthy for me.


The book of the month is My Plain Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows. Per usual it has a unique cover from the original.


It is signed by all three authors – super cool!


It also came with this cool paper craft that has a contest with it (I’m bad at these things and probably wouldn’t compete anyway). However, you could win a free box from it, so that’s cool to all who participate.


This is a comparison of the two covers. I enjoy the yellow wording of the original but I do like the purple on the OwlCrate cover. It’s a unique change!


A pamphlet for this month with notes and the usual pin for the month.



  • What do you think of the contents of this box?
  • Do you like the cover change?
  • What about the wallet?
  • Did you get Eleven or Dustin?!


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