June Unicorn Crate Unboxing

Hi Book Lovers!

It’s time for another amazing, fantastic, wonderful Unicorn Crate Unboxing. Go check out Naomi’s site. I found her book box by accident a while ago and after trying it out, have never wanted to cancel my subscription!

This month’s theme was:
Potions and Poisons




Here is the ridiculously cute Unicorn Tears Pin by Octarine Dreams. Truth: I love this. One of my favorite pins to come in a book box. I don’t know why; the color? What it says? The design? Who knows. I truly love this pin.


“Drink Me” Tea (inspired by Alice in Wonderland) by the Simply Bookish Co. I want to try this iced – I wonder if it would be good?!


This Poison Apple Candle by  Black Castle Candles. It was inspired by (did you already guess?) Snow White. I 100% lit this as soon as I opened this box as this is one of my favorite scents for anything (lotion, candles, soaps, etc). It made my entire kitchen smell wonderful so, yes, it is a great candle.


“Lucy’s Healing Bath Salts” which, as you can see the ingredients here, looks wonderful. I did not open this yet as I don’t have a bath and wait to use bath-related items until I go on vacation. I’ve only ever used a plain old Epsom salt in my baths before so I’m curious how these will be!


A Potions Master apron that was made exclusively for Unicorn Crate. It’s a pretty purple. I’m unsure yet if I’ll personally use this or give it away, but it’s still cute.

A Book of Potions and Poisons notebook with a J.K. Rowling quote on the back. This was made by Literary Emporium. It has this wonderful old-book feel to it and I’m NEVER going to turn down a notebook of any kind.


The book of this month was Sweet Black Waves by Kristina Pérez. With it was a note from the author, a signed bookplate, and a Sweet Black Waves poster. When looking at books coming out I barely glanced over this one but since I now own it (despite going against my usual act of not reading about a book), I looked up what this was about. It is a Celtic re-telling of Tristan and Iseult. I’m truly excited! Also, the rolling hills of green in the back of this book cover photo kill me. YAS QUEEN.

  • Has anyone read this already? What are your thoughts if you have?
  • What was your favorite part of this box?


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