May Shelflove Crate Unboxing

Hi Book Lovers!

Time for one of my absolutely favorite boxes: Shelflove! If you haven’t already checked out this service, do it! Love these boxes and they make my heart so full.

May’s Theme is:
Written in the Stars

Spoiler Card / Pamphlet

Starry Fairy Lights which are cute though have thus far gotten pretty tangled as I tried to set them up for a picture. They require batteries which is nice / not nice all at once. Still, I’m obsessed with stars and have many of them on my own body so I love!

Next was this Stardust Bath Crumble which I’ve never seen before. I assume it is similar to a bathbomb but just the crumbled version? Has anyone used something like this before? Made by Behind The Pages Store, I’ll still keep it safe until I go somewhere with a bath!

Then there was this Rattle the Stars candle which was inspired by Throne of Glass. Dania, the curator of Shelflove Crate, asked Novelly Yours to create a scent that would smell like one was standing under the stars. It’s beautiful and smells wonderful.

Next was this Maya Pocket Mirror made by Diana D Worak. This was inspired by The Star-Touched Queen. I don’t really use mirrors often so I will probably give this to someone who will use it more than I will – but it’s still super cute!

Now is the biggest item in the box – a pillowcase with a quote from Neil Gamain. The colors are completely stunning on this pillowcase, and the quote is fantastic. Two thumbs up from this gal! Made by Ink and Wonder Designs.

Next were, from left to right, the 4th card in the Shelflove Crate exclusive Lunar Chronicles trading cards. Then a Shelflove crate sticker of a bookcase (super cute!). Lastly a bookmark to add to all my other bookmarks!

20180601_185732469906369699959655.jpg 20180601_1839435289277602420871423.jpg
The book of the month was Brightly Burning by Alexa Donne. Like most books in the Shelflove Crate, it came with a signed plate that I added already to the book. The cover is SO PRETTY I cannot get over this. I do not know anything about this book but feel free to look it up if you’re interested (I don’t like reading synopsis before reading a book…sorry not sorry).

Overall a very purple, fun box. I love the pillowcase and am excited to read this book one day!

  • What was your favorite item from this box?
  • Have you read Brightly Burning yet?!
  • Has anyone used ‘bath crumble’ before??


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