Shelflove Crate Unboxing

Hi Bookish Fans!


This month’s theme was:
Magical Manipulators


20180425_180244247812695529425807.jpg–> Aelin & Rowan Tote Bag <–
Made by Morgana Anagrom. This is inspired by Throne of Glass (which is another loved series I have not owned or read yet). What I enjoy about this tote is that it is very long shaped instead of wider. SO MUCH USE IS POSSIBLE HERE.

20180425_1803225044494285782174636.jpg–> Rebel of the Sands Sleep Mask <–
Made by KDP Letters. This is inspired by Amani from Rebel of the Sands (never even heard of this before). Still, this is a really cool design and I think the lettering is wonderful – I’d love to see this work on other things, too!

20180425_1803452150749976849431861.jpg–> Six of Crows Woodmark <–
Made by Ink and Wonder Designs. I adore wooden bookmarks. Plus, I’ve said this before but it still rings true, I love bookmarks period. One of my absolutely favorite things to “collect” for bookish things. Also, their website has…well, you can get lost for a hefty moment on their webpage looking at the beautiful designs.

20180425_180408485874891407047827.jpg–> Quen Levana Trading Card <–
Part of the unique series of trading cards Shelflove Crate has been doing. They are great for bookmarks, too. Ha!

20180425_1804484145951991154459817.jpg–> ROAR Coaster <–
Made by @LoveYourMoreStudio. What I loved about this is that with this coaster they also included a non-alcoholic drink to pair with it that features pineapple, orange and lemon juice. Might want to give it a try just for kicks!

20180425_1805149014804002914875309.jpg20180425_1805242688462864282222915.jpg–> Spirit Gem Soap <–
Made by Willow and Honey. It’s packaged pretty tight and I did not open it up so I’m unsure if it smells super great or not. There were designs based on the elements – clearly mine is around fire.

20180425_1805475532892687600112190.jpg–> Postcard / Art Print <–
This picture does not do this art print justice. This is honestly my favorite art print ever sent by a book box company before. It is gorgeous and I absolutely adore this so very much.

20180425_1806127962603301029851384.jpg–> Bookmark with Spoiler Card Picture <–

20180425_1806414515383315149577383.jpg–> Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian <–
I am SO EXCITED FOR THIS. Since last year I have been looking forward to reading this and I actually am surprised it came in this box (or any box at all!). I’m super thrilled this was the book of the month and I cannot wait to read this!!

20180425_1807015341537101767459877.jpg–> Signed Bookplate <–

  • Does anyone else receive this book box? Do you enjoy it? (I LOVEEEE IT)
  • What is your favorite part of the box?
  • What do you think of Ash Princess: have you read it, do you want to read it, etc?



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