Unicorn Crate Unboxing

Hi Bookish Fans!

Here is another unboxing for the month! This is Unicorn Crate and this month’s theme was:
Northern Myths


20180425_1809395226835731542042582.jpg–> Shield-Maiden of Rohan Candle <–
Made by Half Oak Candles & inspired by Eowyn of LOTR (be still, my beating heart). As far as smell goes, it is not a top 10 scent, though I don’t despise it. I’ll be curious to see what it smells like once lit.

20180425_1810095415829751006394931.jpg–> Mead of Valhalla Lip Balm <–
Made by Cedar Chest Press. This was inspired by Magnus Chase (a series I’ve been starting to collect but, like most books, haven’t quite read yet). I haven’t opened it yet, but last time I got a lip balm in a book box I used it until IT WAS ALL GONE – this NEVER happens. Much excite.

20180425_1810275216951289413912587.jpg–> Unicorn Bookplates for Your Home Library <–
This was made by the book curator’s (she is so, so kind by the way) mom. What a completely unique and truly specialized gift that her mom helped contribute to her box. I thought it was super cute and sweet. Her mom’s pet portrait site here which I checked out and she does beautiful art.

20180425_1831163931559738964867288.jpg–> Thor’s Hammer Keychain <–
This is a really heavy keychain and I probably won’t use it for my keys as I’ve been trying out a more minimalist approach with what I carry when I go out. However, I still truly like this and will probably use it as a decoration piece for my bookshelves or another place.

20180425_1813048035415020090165593.jpg–> Celtic Shield Button <–
Goes well with the theme of this month.

20180425_1812184366012954661687656.jpg–> Yggdrasil Art Print <–
Made by Wudgla Forest. It’s a beautiful print with what looks like runes on it which is super cool.

20180425_1811565558304781810411657.jpg–> Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman <–
The curator, Naomi, wanted to surprise everyone this month with an additional book and I was legitimately so stoked to see this! I had looked it over once or twice online so it was a nice surprise to receive as a bonus!

20180425_18133316376800850141958.jpg–> Beyond a Darkened Shore by Jessica Leake <–
This month’s book of the month. Like my Litjoy Crate’s box, I’ve never heard of this one, but I’m down to try it all. The cover is crazy beautiful.

20180425_1813499137900290088155268.jpg–> Note from the author & signed bookplate <–

That was it for this box. I loved the somewhat darker yet mythical feature of this box and was once again happy to receive a book I haven’t heard of so I can branch out and try more things.


  • I know this book box isn’t as popular, but did anyone else get this box?
  • What did you think?
  • What was your favorite thing from the box?
  • Have you read either of these books or interested in reading them?


2 Comments on “Unicorn Crate Unboxing

  1. Looks like an awesome box. Do you pay for all of these boxes or do they send them for a review? I can only afford Owlcrate, but if money wasn’t an issue, I’d totally get them all!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I buy 3 of them and the other I get sent. I shouldn’t get so many but, then I try and justify it to myself since I don’t buy makeup, clothes, or anything else really. Hahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

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