Owlcrate Unboxing

Hi Bookish fans!

I saw a lot of similar themes this month between all of my book boxes, and Owlcrate broke that mold this month with something different which is why I love them!

This month’s theme was
Across the Galaxy

20180323_162650292784806.jpg–> Spoiler Card <–


20180323_163629495088179.jpg–> Pamphlet that talks about book’s cover design, interview with the author, etc. <–
–> Owlcrate Pin <–


20180323_162839993618099.jpg–> Candle by Wick & Fable <–
There were 2 scents offered: Kady Grant or Hannah Donnelly from the Illuminae Files. I got Hannah Donnelly which is Honeydew and good gracious it smells amazing. I love fresh smells like this one.


20180323_1629401543239089.jpg–> Ceramic Mug by Sasha Natasha <–
Inspired by the Lunar Chronicles and it is a gorgeous color with an inspiring quote. LOVE mugs. One of the things I absolutely enjoy collecting.


20180323_162906594580060.jpg–> Pint-Sized Pop Funko <–
Honestly, no idea who mine is this time. Not much into the superhero themes most days so if you know, let me know!


20180323_162811560615222.jpg–> Infinity Scarf <–
No mention of who made this, but it is silk fabric, super long, and extremely soft and comfortable. Plus, it’s a beautiful color!


20180323_1630411340681494.jpg–> Print inspired by Red Rising <–


–> Watercolor  Bookmark by Lexy Olivia <–
How do you NOT love this? It’s GORGEOUS. COMPLETELY GORGEOUS. It’s inspired by Star Wars and I am obsessed with these colors.


20180323_164325184978990.jpg–> Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston <–
This looks like an amazing story and I hope it will be a fantastic journey to read! The difference in this cover from the original is the wording which is yellow versus the regular cover’s white words.


Ashley’s signature in this book is astounding and I was showing anyone I could! Additionally, Owlcrate was able to get the pages colored so the outside of the pages are purple and it’s a great touch, in my opinion.


20180323_164239856964341.jpgThere was a character poster and note from Ashley in the box as well that just finished this box with a bang.


  • Did anyone else get this box – what did you think if you did or didn’t?
  • What do you think of the pages being colored and the change in coloring on the cover?
  • Anyone already read this book?!



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