Shelflove Crate Unboxing

Hi Bookish Fans!

I GOT MY FAVORITE BOX IN THE OTHER DAY! I track its shipping like my life depends on it and wanted to race home to open it (yes, I am an adult. Yes, I shouldn’t get this worked up over this).

This month’s theme is
Fiery Redheads

Let’s DIG IN!

20180323_164131417417136.jpgBrave Wall Hanging
A quote from Merida in Brave. This was made by StellaBookishArt and is decently sized and vibrantly beautiful!


20180323_162049869670381.jpgAlosa Bathbomb
Inspired by Daughter of the Pirate King. It’s cranberry scented and smells UH-MAZING. I cannot wait to take a vacation to use this! Made by OrganiCare.


20180323_1622251625565086.jpgI’d Get Sleazy For Weasley Decal
OH MY GATOS I love this. I really do. I have no idea what to put it on, though. Made by KDP Letters.


20180323_1641121340110052.jpgClary Candle
It says “cherry,  grapefruit, lemon” and smells interesting. I had a friend smell and she got a lot of the lemon, while I got more of a grapefruit/cherry mix that I’m still trying to decide if I enjoy or not. Made by A Court of Candles.


20180323_163951511426049.jpgLucien Bookmark
From ACOTAR series (which I have not read yet). Made by @MorganaOAnagrom.
Scarlet Trading Card
Second in this series exclusively done by Shelflove Crate. Super cute!
Second Bookmark


20180323_1624031213429023.jpgThis month’s postcard. It’s GORGEOUS.


20180323_1639221034726956.jpgTo Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo & Signed Bookplate
I saw this book last month sort of floating around with people talking about it and I was like “this is beautiful, and it sounds amazing”. I truly didn’t think I’d see it in a book box and am surprised and excited this was the book featured!

  • Does anyone else receive this box?
  • Has anyone read this book yet?


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