Unicorn Crate Unboxing

Hi bookish fans!

This was my first time trying Unicorn Crate. It isn’t as popular as some of the others right now but I saw this a few times and thought it looked super cute and wanted to try it out!

This month’s theme was More Than Meets the Eye

Unicorn Whipped Body Butter – This smells WONDERFUL and it’s so soft. I actually was really surprised by this. Find similar products at Organicare (like whipped soap!!!!).

20180226_171506172134439.jpgThe Book Lover’s Cup of Tea with Tea Infuser – made by Running Press. Ok. This has got to be my favorite item I’ve ever gotten from a book box. Ever. It’s a TEA INFUSER SHAPED LIKE A BOOK. The front of the infuser says “A Tale of Two Ci-TEAS” OHMYGOSH! Love, love, love. So much!

20180226_171937882647755.jpgBookish Beauty Tea – made by the owner of Unicorn Crate (Naomi – she’s such a nice woman). She made a variety of blends and sent out different ones with boxes this month. This one has a great smell and I’m genuinely so stoked to try it in my BOOK INFUSER.

20180226_174635504579634.jpg20180226_1717041805035947.jpgThe Belles Compact Mirror – made by Disney Books. I don’t usually use mirrors but I know people who do so this will go to good use. It’s a pretty sturdy one that would hold up really well being tossed around in someone’s bag or purse.

20180226_172118894377844.jpgBeautiful and Full of Monsters Magnet – Created by The Bookish Company. I adore magnets so this can be added to my fridge 🙂

20180226_1723492011134041.jpgReading is Beautiful Bookmark & Pretty Thoughts Notebook – Always accepting these items. Always. Send them all to me.

20180226_172444401603796.jpg20180226_172611699741358.jpgThe Belles by Dhonielle Clayton – The featured book this month. I enjoyed that it was different than the other books and that it seems to be a popular book right now. I probably wouldn’t have bought this myself even though it seems interesting so I’m glad it was sent in the box!


  • Do any of you get this box? It was my first box and I hope the others are great, too!
  • Have you read The Belles? I’m curious how it reads.



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