January Shelflove Crate Unboxing

Hi bookish fans!

Again, I have another book unboxing to share (only SLIGHTLY behind schedule). Shelflove Crate is another book subscription service that I found by accident about 3 months ago. I tried them out and loved them on the first box. I think this is my favorite book subscription box that I receive every month! ❤If you haven’t heard of Shelflove Crate and want to check them out, I encourage this behavior! This month’s theme was Royal Pains.


Spoiler Pamphlet


First thing in the box was a travel mug with a quote from Kierra Cass’s The Selection. It was made by Bookworm Boutique and it’s freaking cute. I’m a sucker for only a few things, and items to hold water or my coffee are one of them!


Then there was a magnetic bookmark, a Shelflove Crate exclusive, from Knightmares & Daydreams. This is Der Erlkönig, The Goblin King, though, I don’t know if this is in reference to the Labyrinth or something else I’m not familiar with. Do you know?! It’s a lot bigger than other magnetic bookmarks, though, and I really like the size!


Candles. Love ‘um. This one’s called “Autumn Prince” and was made by Novelly Yours. I’m not going to lie, it smells how it sounds – which is wonderful, by the way. I know it’s January and initially I was like “but why an autumn scent?”, but since I miss fall already and it smells amazing I don’t mind at all!


There was this cute crown pen, too! I’m not especially the stereotypical “girly girl”, but, it has pretty colors. Plus, a pen is a pen and can we ever REALLY have enough of them? No. The answer is no.

[NOT PICTURED BY ITSELF – the SCARF! I didn’t take a picture on accident and don’t want to now. Sorry not sorry.]


Lastly is the book this month which is Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh. It has to do with necromancers and that topic alone sounds interesting. It wasn’t a book I had heard of before receiving it, so hopefully I enjoy it come the day I can get around to reading this novel! The cover, though, is GORGEOUS in person. It’s so shiny and pretty – the pictures don’t do it justice.


Skull and crown scarf in this picture as I failed to include it by itself!


  • I’m curious to know if anyone else gets this book box?
  • Have you heard or read Reign of the Fallen?!


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