January OwlCrate Unboxing

Hi bookish fans!

I’m not quite “late” at putting up this unboxing and one other unboxing for January as I technically opened these the moment I got them delivered. However, between work and school I haven’t had time to set them up and post! Here is January’s OwlCrate box which was Fearsome Fairy Tales.

Again, I’m always so thrilled to receive a book box. If you’re interested in grabbing one yourself be sure to check out their website and try it out sometime!

First is this adorable wax burner made exclusively for OwlCrate. With it are really amazing smelling wax pieces made by Spireside Candles – with a Hansel and Gretel theme going on here. Wonder what it’ll be like to burn these…


Next is this cute OwlCrate exclusive bracelet by Authored Adornments which has a quote from Rapunzel. It’s cute and I might prefer the material over others they’ve sent in previous boxes for jewelry. I haven’t tried it on yet but I love Rapunzel!


Next was the pin that comes in every box. This print is the “Spoiler Card” but since it usually pairs with the pin I wanted to keep them together. I always enjoy that the spoiler card is heavy-duty and has a print on one side that I can keep. The pin this month, though, is a little creepy for my tastes.


Then there was THIS! It’s a pillowcase, made once again exclusively for OwlCrate, is from Stella’s Bookish Art. This thing is ENORMOUS and I’m not just saying that – I think I’d have to go buy a pillow big enough to fit this since mine is so thin and tiny compared to this case. It’s inspired by Sleeping Beauty and is extremely soft and beautiful!!


The art print this month is based on Little Red Riding Hood. I honestly didn’t even see the wolf when I first glanced at it, yet find it’s fitting for the story and enjoy how this looks. It was made by Anne Lambelet (speaking of – if you check out her website it’s very aesthetically pleasing to browse through – wowza).

Lastly is the book of the month. This month is The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. This is a first for Owlcrate with their changing of the cover – they usually adapt a slight variation of the original color but this month they made an OwlCrate only design which is COMPLETELY different than the original cover. Additionally it is signed by the author instead of a book plate. Per usual, it comes with a letter from the author and in lieu of the signed book plate we got an exclusive sticker. Personally, I LOVE this cover more than the original and was SO excited to see it in the box as it seems this book is being well-loved in the book world right now. While it isn’t on my immediate TBR list I hope I don’t wait too long to get around to reading this book!


Original Cover

  • If you got this month’s box how did you like it?
  • Regardless of if you got this box, what do you think of the cover change?
  • I’d love to hear your thoughts!


4 Comments on “January OwlCrate Unboxing

  1. Everything in this box looks amazing! I especially like the Red Riding Hood print and the wax burner.
    Also, I think I prefer the original cover, but it’s still really cool that Owl Crate offers exclusive/unique covers sometimes.

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  2. I am so ridiculously jealous of everyone who got this box.. I didn’t order it because I thought the cover wouldn’t be all that different and I already had FairyLoot’s AND the B&N-edition coming my way.
    Then THIS GORGEOUS COVER appears and I’m here like.. “But I want it toooooo..” *cries*


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