LitJoy Crate Unboxing

Hi bookish fans!

Instead of this week’s Top 10 Tuesday (books I really enjoyed but can’t remember much about) I decided an unboxing would be turbo-tastic. There really aren’t that many books that I don’t remember much about, which I suppose could be seen as either a blessing or a curse.

Recently, in my obsession with getting books and wanting to be more involved in bookish topics in the real world, I decided to subscribe to a few additional book boxes on top of the Owlcrate I’ve been receiving for some time now. Let’s jump on in and see what LitJoy Crate sent for January!


January’s theme was Batman: Nightwalker.


I’ve only recently been getting LitJoy crate boxes and haven’t truly formed too much of an overall opinion on them yet. Perhaps because book boxes feel like such a small victory in my run-of-the-mill life that I simply enjoy a surprise here and there.


  • Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu – it was a nice surprise to see the actual book signed instead of a signed plate.
  • Batman Can Opener Keychain – LitJoy exclusive item. It’s a pretty heavy-duty can opener.
  • Bat Signal Projector Plan – LitJoy exclusive item. It’s so cute! The end lights up to project the Batman symbol. Ha.
  • Nail Polish – LitJoy exclusive item. It’s a black / maybe dark blue with a little sparkle. I’m just sad I don’t get to wear nail polish that often because of my job.
  • Batman Double Layered Candle – the top part is a dark and the bottom is white. It smells…like a clean-shaven man (which, I enjoy this sent, so, I’m not complaining). This was made by A Court of Candles.
  • Crane Origami Necklace – LitJoy exclusive item. This is a symbol for the relationship between Bruce and Madeleine in the story. I actually enjoy the simple design of this and that it can be worn with just about anything.
  • Batman Quote Zipper Pouch – LitJoy exclusive item. This is a huge pouch! I know book boxes send these often but I genuinely always love them. I use them for so many things and this is a great material and, as I mentioned, HUGE! This was designed by Evie So of eviebookish.
  • Artist Print – this is a beautiful print created by Arrabelle.
  • 2 Batman pins

Did anyone else receive this box? What were your thoughts?! Tell me below. 🙂


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