Top 10 Tuesday

Hi book friends!

This week’s Top 10 Tuesday is Bookish Resolutions/Goals.

Alright, alright. This will be fun. I’ve been making a lot of these internally recently!

    –> This seems simple, right? Wrong. I only read 17 books last year (and some of those were required readings for classes, but, I mean, I still enjoyed them) and I somewhat fell off the bandwagon of reading. I set a reading goal on my Goodreads to read 40 books this year. That felt fair after only reading half that in 2017. I got this.
  2. Use Goodreads more often.
    –> Even when I wasn’t reading much last year I still went on weekly to check it out, add books I bought, or look at books I was eager to one day read. I want to get more in depth with categorizing and following others with a love for reading.
  3. More reviews.
    –> I’m a notorious “rater” but never felt much excitement in writing reviews. While I don’t anticipate reviewing every book I read this year, I still want to focus on writing more in-depth and thorough reviews even if it’s just for my own self reflection.
  4. Read more diversely.
    –> As tempting as YA fantasy can be with it plastered across the World Wide Web, I am intrigued at reading things outside of that (even though I love YA in general). I read a few historical nonfiction in 2017 that were some of my favorite reads ever. I have found that while pursuing my History degree I enjoy just about all things historical – fiction or nonfiction. Additionally, I see so many people picking up things from a variety of authors across the globe, as well as stories that represent more diverse topics and people. I want in.
  5. Blog, blog, blog.
    –> I missed blogging. I missed talking about books. I missed reading books and writing about them. I want to be a bigger part of the book world online!
  6. Finish 5 full series.
    –> What that looks like yet, I’m not sure. But, so many books I’ve started are a part of a series and I would like to say I’ve fully read a few series instead of just starting one and “maybe one day I’ll get to the rest of the series…ha. ha. ha”.
  7. Use the library more frequently.
    –> While I may start with just using the library for audiobooks (as I just started on Sunday), I somewhat envy the people who use the library more often. I used to spend HOURS roaming the library as a kid and it was such a magical place. Let’s experience this again, Christine. Let’s do it.
    –> I’m going to be honest (per usual): I previously was not a fan of audiobooks. Then, in early 2017 I began listening to Harry Potter, read by Jim Dale (OhMyGoshHe’sPerfectLet’sDiscuss), and I found myself so excited to listen to the next chapter he was about to read that I realized audiobooks are actually amazing. Since then, I’ve listened to a few books for classes and just for fun. I cannot explain my joy at this. I look forward to driving. I want to get through 10 in 2018.
  9. Start annotating books.
    –> The idea of this intrigues me. I have a book I created for my favorite quotes from book so I could remember where I found quotes I loved. But, why don’t I just annotate books so I can go back and see those myself or see other things I enjoyed or didn’t. Also, the idea of re-reading my favorite books a few years later and seeing how my thoughts have changed would be great. I don’t want to write in the book itself, rather use post its for now.
  10. Start a Booktube channel?
    –> I’m still on the fence. I truly want to do this but am super nervous and don’t feel quite ready. I want to improve on here first and then start that. Mostly seeing my face put on the internet is a freaky thing. But, I am OBSESSED with Booktube and want to become a part of this world some day.

Your turn! Do you have any similar goals? If not, what are some of your bookish goals this year?? I’m sure you’ll inspire me to want a similar goal, not going to lie.


5 Comments on “Top 10 Tuesday

  1. I tend to want to read YA fantasy more too, so I’m in the same boat. I want to to read more genres for sure, so I’m easing into it this year.

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  2. Great list of resolutions! I love using Goodreads to keep all my books organized. I used to keep a spreadsheet of books, but it just became too tedious!


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