September Owlcrate!

Hi book-lovers! ❤

How is the week for you thus far? I’ve been busy, as per my normal lifestyle. Training a new manager and dreaming of a day I could lie in a hammock and read for hours…sigh. In the meantime here is this month’s Owlcrate! (I missed putting up last months and at this point almost feel like it isn’t worth it to back track that far. What do the they say in Meet the Robinsons? “Keep moving forward.”)

This month’s theme was “Darkness”.


Let’s see…where to start!

My favorite part was honestly the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children canvas pouch. Maybe it’s due to just reading the book recently or knowing the movie is on its way? Or it might even be the fact that I’m slightly obsessed with pouches for all of my markers and pens and have recently purchased several other pouches? Whatever the reason I was so excited for this piece of the Owlcrate.

The candle (inspired by Throne of Glass) is pretty cute, let’s be honest. I am always hesitant about candles until I burn them because sometimes they smell wonderful and then you burn them and…nothing. So, we will see what happens when I burn that at another time!

There is a bath “fizzer” as it’s referred to on this month’s card (inspired by The Raven Cycle series which I’ve never read…is it good??). I’m a little sad because I DON’T OWN A BATHTUB. I almost feel the need to get a hotel room for a night with a nice tub just so I can use this (and relax for a full evening).

We have another cute bookmark this month. Ok, I need to mini-rant. I love bookmarks. I don’t care much if they are cheap paper, cardboard, or super fancy I just all around love them. Sometimes I read other people’s reviews or opinions on opening up boxes and they feel frustrated by “simple, boring” bookmarks and it annoys me…because I love them. Anyway, rant done. I love this bookmark. The end.

There was also a pin (I have the same feelings about pins as I do bookmarks ^), a cute coloring book passport, a map, and a paper fortune that I promptly pieced together because who doesn’t like feeling like they are 12 and wicked cool again?!


Last but clearly not least are the books. This small “Remade” book was cute and looks like it’ll take an hour or two to read which is nice. Followed by the book for the month which is Three Dark Crowns by Kendra Blake. Now, I haven’t read anything else by her but I have heard her book Anna Dressed in Blood was pretty good so that’s exciting. Has anyone read her previous book? What are your thoughts?

Overall, like usual, I’m a freak for bookish things and as excited as I was my first Owlcrate box. What did everyone else think?



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