The Butterfly Garden Review

Remember when I disappeared off the face of the earth? Me, too. I don’t know how people function in the normal world anymore as it seems I’m constantly running around with my head chopped off. Regardless, I’ve missed reviewing books and reading other people’s posts – hence the reappearance after too long gone. 😦

I was recently on a short vacation back where I’m from for a little rest and relaxation. While that didn’t work out as well as I planned due to it also being the first week of classes, I still had fun. I even got more reading done which I always LOVE ❤

The book I wanted to review today was The Butterfly Garden.

 wp-1474138080114.jpgThe Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison (278 pages)

The FBI discovers an underground garden where an extensive array of young girls are being held captive. To uncover what happened they immediately begin questioning the girl everyone from the garden looks up to. The girl they talk to, Maya, weaves a tale of the inner workings inside the garden and their time being held captive. Being kidnapped, she exclaims, is merely the start to a long stay inside the world of a crazy man and his delusional lifestyle. The Gardener, as the girls come to call him, marks each person he takes by tattooing their backs (and sometimes faces) as beautiful butterflies. The Gardener loves and cares for his “butterflies” as only a crazy person would do. The story goes back and forth between the present and their recent release from the Garden and how they were taken all the way up to their escape.


This book was read on my Kindle. I typically don’t read Kindle books as often because I enjoy holding a physical book in my hand. However, I was on vacation and my Kindle also had my school books on it so it was just an easier fit in my bag. Also, I have Amazon Prime so I get to do a Kindle First for free each month and this was last month’s book (I think last month?).

To be honest, I wasn’t sure I would like it. I have attempted to start several other Kindle First books and never make it too far in before I get bored. With that being said this book intrigued me from the start. It has a decent hook, it’s mysterious in that you don’t know what story Maya will tell next or if you can even believe her stories, and it keeps you interested all the way until the very end. While you know the girls escape since that’s how the story starts you’d think I would have had less anxiety about what was going to happen, but nope, I was still having trouble breathing as I neared the end. This book was well written, intriguing, different, and a little nauseating in some of the graphic parts (although I enjoy books that make me feel so strongly as this book did).

Overall, for a shorter Kindle First book I really loved this story. The only piece I wish would have fit better was the ending – it almost flopped for me as it felt super rushed. Answers were given but it felt like a last minute scramble to put everything on the last few pages. Otherwise I had little to complain about. I also must tell you to go out there and READ THIS BOOK! I loved it. 🙂

Has anyone else read this book by chance????


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