Top Ten Tuesday

Well, hello!!!

My blogging is pretty minimal recently. I am able to train store managers in my full-time job and am currently doing that which has consumed every waking moment in my life. I’ve been reading but must confess I’m a little lazy when it comes to reviewing the books I’m powering through. I was excited for this TTT simply because it will be easy to just let the words flow on the topic I picked.

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week is a “rewind” so I skimmed through old topics and picked one I’ve seen many people write about and have always wanted to discuss: Top Ten Bookish Confessions. So, here we go…

  1. I’ve been reading since I was two years old. My mother (back in the day, a thousand years ago because I’m ancient) bought the Hooked On Phonics CASSETTE TAPE pack that teaches kids to read. I picked it up extremely quickly and started reading books way too often.
  2. I’m extraordinarily harsh on authors and how they write. I typically don’t openly discuss how I feel about their writing, however, if they have terrible grammar, frequent misspellings, or lack general structure I can become so infuriated I want to throw the book. Even if the story itself is great I struggle to power through a book with improper English structure. I’m not a perfect grammar student when it comes to my own writing so I’m unsure why I’m so harsh on other authors.
  3. Reading quickly comes easy to me as I’m sure many of you also experience with being avid readers, too. I realized my eyes can scan two lines of words before my brain even begins to process what they said. I’ve tried to explain this to people who don’t read and often question my ability to power-read. They think I just skip paragraphs and entire pages. This is not true. I just let my eyes swoop the words and my brain has learned to piece them together (albeit slower than my eyes scan).
  4. I prefer real books over e-books. I own a Kindle and have way too many books on it that I do genuinely read, but I just think holding a physical book is more…erm, enjoyable?
  5. I dislike mass paperback books and typically only tolerate hardcover books. I enjoy larger paperbacks the most.
  6. I own an intense collection of books. Probably way more than any one person should be allowed to own. However, I am unnecessarily nervous for the day I die and someone else has to go through my books. I don’t really see myself having children in the near future, but if I did I would be so afraid they (or anyone else) would just get rid of all the books that have meant so much to me through my lifetime. This is an irrational fear. You don’t need to remind me. Thanks.
  7. I don’t have a specific genre of books I enjoy although I typically stray from non-fiction and romance. I enjoy horror and mystery books which is funny to my friends and family as I will absolutely refuse to watch anything that is too scary or gory. I don’t know. I don’t think my brain works properly.
  8. I can zone out when reading regardless of is happening around me in the world. T.V.s, music, people chatting, or even being outside when it’s loud doesn’t stop my focus on the book in my hands. In fact, I usually become so engrossed in a book that people have had to repeatedly call my name or tap my arms or shoulder to bring me crashing back to reality.
  9. I have only cried twice at books. I’m an empath and absorb emotions of everyone and everything I come into contact with, yet I am unable to cry when reading a sad story. When people tell me a book made them cry I typically doubt their claim at first and then later wonder what was so touching about these books that made people that emotional. Anything else can tear my soul apart and start the water works, but books are just not one of those things I guess?!
  10. I recently have been working on getting my life more put-together since I’m “AN ADULT”. Due to this, I have created a journal that I force myself to read in 15 minute intervals for a total of an hour each day. Sometimes it seems daunting and difficult but at the end of each day it’s helped me relax and refocus on the little things in my life. Books are more powerful than a lot of people give them credit for, that’s for sure!

Does anyone else have any fun bookish confessions to share?! I think hearing about people’s book confessions are fascinating. We are all so different and it’s wonderful.


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