Oh my…

It’s been such a long time since I’ve been on this site (apparently it’s been 7 months). How embarrassing. To be fair I work two jobs that usually results in 80-90 hours a week and I had started my first semester (with 14 oober fun credits) of online school which left me with around 45 minutes a night of sleep. There was no time to do anything including the one thing I love the most: read.

After school ended I spent 3 full days in my pajamas under my covers in the pitch dark binge-watching as much t.v. as my eyes would allow before going dry. After I burrowed out from my cocoon and found fresh air I told myself I needed to get back to my reading habits – at least, for the summer.

I’ve read several books in the past few weeks and can’t wait to get back to writing about them even if just for myself. I also signed up for an Owl Crate subscription and have high hopes this will keep me excited and motivated in my reading even when school begins again next month.

How has everyone’s summer been? I have a lot of catching up to do and see the happenings in the book lovers’ world.


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