June OwlCrate Box


I hemmed and hawed over if I wanted to even post this as 1. it is sort of late 2. I didn’t actually open it up like I wanted. In my excitement to actually get a box I zipped through opening up and examining each thing so quickly it wasn’t until I was done I realized I should have taken it a little slower. Eh. You win some and you lose some.

Regardless, I can’t follow through on my effort to blog more about books if I don’t actually blog (wow, what a novel idea). So despite this being behind the rest of the OwlCrate universe for the June box, here it is:



But, honestly, how cute is this? No. Really. How cute is this? Eeeks.

June’s box was Royalty. My mini Funko was Merida. She even has tiny freckles. I just cannot.

The bracelet was precious. In typical girl fashion I put it on as soon as I opened it. What? I can’t help it.

My favorite part was probably the magnetic bookmarks. I love bookmarks. The more the merrier, am I right?

The print is gorgeous. Even without having read the series I adored this.

Lastly, the book itself! It looks interesting and from reading what others have said about it so far it’s been pretty good. It will go onto my huge stack of TBR and tucked away for a great day to read this type of story!

I’d apologize for the lack of description over this box but since it’s sort of a late box I figured everyone else in the world who cares about it is already up to date on what was in it, so I’ll wait until my next one to share with the world how excited I am for the finer details of the box.

Did anyone else who got this box last month read the book yet? I’m curious on more reviews regarding this story!


2 Comments on “June OwlCrate Box

  1. This box was just too adorable for words… Little Merida! I envy you!
    I didn’t know “My Lady” but from a quick search on GoodReads I can tell it’s going to be hilariously fun 🙂

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