Dark Places Review

I’m pretty sure it’s pathetic that this is the only book I’ve finished so far this month. I work full time as a store manager somewhere and I had a bright idea to get a second job at night. Plus, I will be starting school in January so trying to get it all ready and then adding in the holidays coming up, well, it’s been busy. I’m sure a lot of you are in the same boat!

Dark Places

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn (345 pages)

Libby Day’s family were slaughtered back in 1985. Her older brother, Ben, is accused of the murders after Libby testifies that he is guilty and he is sent to jail. Libby has been living her life off the goodwill of people who have felt sorry for her and have given her money to get through her life. As she’s coming to a sizzling end of her funds and still struggling to cope as an adult from what happened to her as a child she is willing to take any means necessary to keep herself afloat. When a man reaches out to her and asks her to visit a “Kill Club” that is bursting with others like himself trying to solve notorious crimes, she agrees – but for a price.  People in this club, specifically the “Day Club”, offer to pay her to research her own past – forcing her to confront a night she’s spent a lifetime avoiding. Libby begins to question if her brother is truly guilty.

I feel….hmm. I’m not sure. I previously read Sharp Objects also by Gillian Flynn and I was almost expecting something as gruesome as that story but I didn’t find that similarity. Yes, there are murders described in details, which is pretty unnerving but the concept wasn’t as nail-biting as Sharp Objects. I greatly enjoyed Flynn’s wording and writing in this story. Also the characters were a lot more detailed and developed than the other story which made it smoother to read. The story started out slow but did quicken it’s pace as it moved on, and I really was eager to see what was going to happen. I just didn’t think so many loose ends would be leftover. The ending was so rushed and jumbled I became really disappointed as it came to a close. I had twelve or so endings dancing around my brain. At least one was correct so I don’t think I was as shocked by the ending as I would have been if I hadn’t been trying to figure the story out from page one.

Overall – I’m not disappointed in the book but it wasn’t my favorite story. I’m glad I read it though! I got one of my employees to read it so I can’t wait to see what she thinks so we can talk about it. My world needs more people reading the same stories as I do so I can obsessively talk about them when I’m done!

If anyone else has read this – what did you think???

2 Comments on “Dark Places Review

  1. This was the first Gillian Flynn book that I read, followed by Sharp Objects. This was some years ago, but I do remember liking the book a lot. With books like that the one thing I hate is how quickly the action rises and falls. I remember feeling a lot of suspense only to be kind of let down in the end. Like you I wasn’t disappointed in the book, just wish there was a bit more to it and explained.


    • Thanks for the post! I agree with the rise and falls of a book like Dark Places – it kept me hooked but then I was left just feeling like what the heck just happened?! Did you enjoy Sharp Objects more than Dark Places?


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