October Wrap-Up

Hello fellow book lovers of the blogging world!
November is upon us! I LOVE it!

I feel like a slacker for a lack of posting for almost an entire month. I was trying to power through the Sookie Stackhouse series and I really didn’t feel like each book by itself was worth a blog post, mostly because I didn’t have much to say per book. Since that’s all I really read last month I decided to just wait until the end of the month and just put them all in one post to save time!

Oct 2Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris (324 pages)
I wasn’t a fan of Quinn – he was a really annoying character.

All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris (323 pages)
Finally – something decent happened. Explosions, blood bonds, unavoidable evil…much better than some of the other books.

Oct 3From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris (359 pages)
The Queen is dead – Sookie is worried people will track down Barry and herself so they can use their powers. Sookie finds out about Naill, her fairy great-grandfather.

Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris (312 pages)
Sookie’s relationship with Quinn moves forward (much to my dismay), Sookie gets tortured and caught in the middle of a Fae war. Naill closes the Fairy world after Sookie’s attack.

Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris (311 pages)
Sookie is tricked in to “marrying” Eric by vampire law in order for Eric to keep Sookie safe from the new King and his henchman, Victor, who wants to destroy Eric and his territory. Sookie helps Alcide by drugging herself during a pack meeting, therefore becoming the pack’s Shaman and helping Alcide find the pack-members who have wronged the pack and their packmaster. Bill’s blood poisoning is healed when Sookie calls his “sister” to come to town to help him out.

Oct 4Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris (325 pages)
Debbie Pelt’s endless attempts to kill Sookie end up with Sookie finally ending Debbie (THANK THE LORD. THAT BIZNITCH HAD. TO. GO). Sookie’s old roommate, Amelia, comes back to visit with her on-again off-again boyfriend, Bob. The two witches break the blood bond between Sookie and Eric, because Eric’s maker and his maker’s other child are hanging around town and Sookie is tired of feeling bound to all three vampires. Victor tries to bring down Eric’s reign by building competing bars.

Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris (327 pages)
Fairies officially shut themselves off from the human world. Sam’s current GF, a member of Alcide’s pack, tries to overthrow Alcide and kill Sookie. Eric finds out his maker, before his death made a contract to be married to the Oklahoma vampire Queen. This puts Sookie and Eric’s relationship on the offs. At the final pack meeting that Sookie attends Sam dies. But Sookie saves him – ending her relationship with Eric permanently.

Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris (338 pages)
I don’t want to completely ruin the entire series by posting it here – but I was really worried Harris wouldn’t be able to wrap up all the loose ends she had by the end of this book. I did believe it was rushed and she just made a flimsy attempt to finish all the stories connected to Sooki while still giving Sookie a decent ending.

Overall – I’m sort of glad I’m done with this series. I felt like one book was great, the next one sucked, then the next one was great. It’s a light read with a lot of “supernatural” events and after the first two books it is nothing like the True Blood series that was on HBO (which I may have also watched religiously while it was still on). It was a nice break from reading two Picoult books in September which usually shatter my soul.

Oct 5
That Summer by Sarah Dessen (198 pages)
Apparently this is Sarah Dessen’s debut novel all those years ago? I…just…could not. I picked it due to the fact it was tiny and I could finish it in one day which was what I wanted while reading the Sookie series. However, I was so bored by this book. Absolutely nothing in this story ended the way I wanted it to and it felt like it left more gaps than it filled. It also seemed highly unrealistic. Maybe my childhood was just different than this main characters – who knows. The main character, Haven, thinks all these highly detailed, even fun thoughts, and then she opens her mouth and she says,”Okay.” “Yes.” “Oh.” “Stop that.”. What?! No. The only thing I liked about this book was the name of the characters; Sumner, Haven, Gwendolyn, Lorna.

Girl on the Train 2The Girl on the Train Review  that I did earlier this month!

I have a rather embarrassingly large October Book Haul that I’ll end up breaking into two posts next 🙂

What did everyone else read this last month?

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    • Thank you! I felt like I was slacking but I couldn’t focus on any other books until that series was done – hopefully you also were able to get a good read or two into your schedule last month, too!


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