The Girl on the Train Review

Happy Monday, everyone!

It has finally cooled down here (by cool down I mean it’s not 110 degrees but merely 85 on average – does that mean I can break out the sweaters? Ha). So I spent my day off, Saturday, drowning in book pages and enjoying the slightly cooler weather with my cuddle-bug of a dog.

There’s been so much hoopla about this book since it was released. I didn’t know of anyone who owned it, and it was impossible to get at any library. But somehow early last month I found it, by some miracle or another, at a thrift store. I almost peed myself that day, I’m pretty sure. Once I brought it home I set it on the back burner because I was forging my way through a lot of other books at the time. However, I kept it on the kitchen counter just so I’d walk by it every morning and evening and willed myself to read it sooner rather than later. So, I did!

Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins (323 pages)

I have to start out by saying that Paula Hawkins did a really great job drawing me into the story. A lot of authors I’ve read would have had a more difficult time than she did trying to get a reader to buy into this story from the get-go. At first I felt jolted into Rachel’s life – totally unaware of what was going on, what has happened and what will come to be in the future. While not overly descriptive, Hawkins did a great job getting me to picture and feel a lot of the things Rachel did or felt (even if I didn’t have the same issues as this character…and boy were there a lot). Towards the middle of the book I’m pretty curious at what is going to happen and even text a friend of mine with guesses I had as to the outcome of the story (I was wrong, by the way. On every. Single. Guess.). Also in the middle of the story I felt so awkward and painful for Rachel I could barely stand to read her sections. Her thoughts and actions were so cringe-worthy I just couldn’t. Rachel does the complete opposite of everything a clear-minded person would do. I was like “No, Rachel. Don’t. Don’t do it. Please. Stop. Why. No. I just….no. No. Stop!”. She didn’t listen. By the end, though not any of the endings I guessed, I’m glad it ended as it did. It was a shock to me, so I was happy 🙂

Favorite Quote: “Life is not a paragraph, and death is no parenthesis.”

Anyone who has read this – did you enjoy it? Let me know, I’m highly curious!

2 Comments on “The Girl on the Train Review

  1. Yes haha, I completely know what you mean about Rachel – I spent most of the book going ‘noooo why are you doing that, just stop it! nooo don’t go round there again’, and just cringing really hard!

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